Safe-browser on raspberry pi 3


On a raspberry pi 3
I downloaded from
unzipped it succesfully
… but launching safe-browser produces nothing
apart a 0 bytes file.

Would somebody have a clue ?

Is there some raspberry/safe-browser specific doc to read ?

Thanks for any help.


The raspberry has an arm processor (holy crap but it really seems to be able to do 64 bit calculations :scream: impressive this model 3) afaik the command set of arm processors are different from the ones in a ‘standard computer’ (RISC vs. CISC architecture)

so you could try to compile it from source for yourself but you most certainly cannot use the precompiled x86/x64 binaries on an arm processor :thinking:

Oh and I just realized you did use the v0. 8.1
You should go with the newer version of the browser mentioned in the last dev update (yes that should ideally be linked on the homepage - but I’m sure @SarahPentland and @dugcampbell are keeping an eye on this for the new homepage that is in the making right now)


ARM devices will be supported in future but not officially for some time. It is theoretically possible to build for ARM processors yourself, but beyond most of us.


Thanks riddim and happybeing for the helpful answers.

I should have thought on that (my apologies),
but since raspberry is mentionned several times as being targeted (at least for farming),
and since the donwloading page seems to detect the OS and propose the adequate file,
I thought it could work just out of the box.


Yapp that would be awesome for the future! And since this topic might help someone else having the same question this is a good resource until then =)