SAFE Browser (Like TOR only Mainstream)

Anyone planning on building a browser?

I’d happily donate to anyone working on a project such as this.

Or at least a functional search bar app within any of the current browsers?

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How is a a native browser different from a browser with a SAFE extension?

Search is easy, indexing is hard.

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Personally I am not a fan of extensions and addons to browsers as I think they are unnecessary for the small amounts of time I need to use them and they slow everything down. If I do use them I’ll delete them immediately after. The only one I use is AdBlocker.

And the way you market an extension as compared with a browser is completely different.

I think there a pro’s and con’s to both and who says we cant have both.

Obviously it would be easier to start with an extension and then offer a browser much later on.

EDIT also I think if you have a vault/launcher it could just as easily have a global search function that doubles as a browser type tool.

You said it, man. To maintain a browser is no fun. Look at the graveyard, it’s full of various small companies that tried to build their own (based on one of major browsers) and “add value”.

Vault: obviously it could search only public files. As far as I know this hasn’t yet been planned. In the beginning someone will have to build a Yahoo! type of directory, but hopefully less ugly.