Safe browser is not running

I have install Ubuntu freshly then i have dwonload safe browser,But the programm file is not running in my machine.Can anyone help? I am new in Linux.

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Hey there @avirup. I’ll be glad to help. Can you please confirm that you have downloaded the latest release of the browser from this link:

What are the steps that you have followed to open browser?


Just double click the safebrowser program file.
I have downloaded it from here

are you seeing any errors there @avirup?

Does the non-dev version of the browser work for you there?

No there are no any errors.
I am using non-dev version should I try dev version??

Now it is opening .
I have installed this package in my ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
After then it is opening…


Ah sorry, I thought I read you were using dev somewhere.

Glad you got it working!



Glad you figured out the workaround. This is actually a known issue which is on the board to be resolved in a future release. It seems to be particular to Ubuntu rather than other Linux distros.



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