SAFE Browser freeze after logging in (Win10/64)

I’m on the latest binaries and a weird freeze shows up after logging in with the Authenticator.

How to replicate:

  • Just start the browser and try any of the websites. They will just open, maybe after a little hick up.
  • Start the browser, log in and try to open any domain. The browser freezes (actually says not responding) and the websites don’t load or only after half a minute or so.

Looks like the Authenticator is causing the freeze as it doesn’t show up if you don’t log in. The freeze shows up on my Win10/64 system even after cleaning all the %appdata% and reinstalling the binaries. It also shows up with or without VPN. Also tried without the virusscanner as I thought could maybe be some secured_browsing issue. But I can still duplicate the bug.

Can someone else try to replicate this one on Win10/64??


Yes - I’m getting the same thing.


Tried this in Windows 8.1/64, yes also.

Additionally, after logging out and trying to log in w/o closing the browser:
Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network


Same here. Windows 10.

I am also unable connect an authorised application even though I should still have client connections available according to the client white listing protocol. It’s only sometimes and inconsistently successful.

We’re continuing to document and research the issue.


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