SAFE Browser Error: Requested public name is not found



hi, I’m new to MaidSAFE. Just installed the SAFE Browser and want to try it out. I have the invitation token ok and have logged into the Alpha 2 network with my secret and password.

However whenever I try to call up a safe:// website I get the reply

Requested public name is not found

At first I thought it was just that the website was unavailable, but Ive tried a whole load of websites from the Alpha 2 Community Websites list and I get the same reply for all of them. I also tried safe://maidsafe/ but get the same response.

So there must be something wrong. Is there any other software or process I have to run first? I have tried closing the SAFE browser and restarting.

The browser version is 0.10.2

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!


Use this

SAFE Browser is no longer use Peruse.



Also most of the Alpha2 sites have not been re-uploaded since the network was reset. Try safe://hello - that should be working.


There is a list of sites, ids, demos, … for the relaunched alpha 2 network here.


Just downloaded the Peruse browser from github and installed. The safe://hello site works. (safe://maidsafe doesnt, same error). So I guess it is now running ok…

Thanks for the speedy replies everyone! :wink:


But I just also discovered that the SAFE Browser also responds to safe://hello So maybe it was working all the time, and it was the websites that were duds (i mean not available)… ?


Yes, probably that - I don’t think there are many sites live at the moment


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