Safe Browser Credentials and Security

Hello all,

Concerning the Account Secret and Account Password. Is the Account Secret or Account Password ever visible to anyone or is it possible to make the connection between the Account Secret or the Account Password with the content being posted or accessed?

What I mean by this, let’s say anonymity is very important to me and if part of the Account Secret or Account Password could somehow identify me by person and be traced back to me, I would like to know and I’m sure others would like to know as well. Not sure if I’m making myself clear, I’m trying to articulate this to the best of my ability so maybe a worst case scenario would be applicable.

Let’s say my name is Jack Monty and I was born 1990-05-12. So, I setup the SAFE Browser in the following manner:

Account Secret: JackMonty12!@
Account Password: 19900512Monty

Would anyone ever be able to make the connection between the content I would post or access on the SAFE Network?

Thank you.

Your login info is not related to any of the ids that you will use to communicate/store etc. In addition past your proxy node your IP is not visible.


So it’s foolproof.

Amazing :sunglasses: