Safe Browser and Native Web Components



I am just wondering about the current status of the future Safe Browser. Some of status updates from earlier this year seemed to suggest that it might be built with the Firefox core? Has the browser base platform been decided?

I am investing my time in building out a library of native web components and currently only Chrome and Safari natively support them with Firefox saying they are close. I am wondering how fresh the safe browser of the future is going to be in terms of remaining current with whatever browser core it is built on so that I can feel comfortable that native web components are going to work with the Safe browser.


We have a new browser for the SafeNetwork - Peruse


As @dimitar mentioned, the future browser will be ‘Peruse’. It’s built using Electron, so uses Chromium as a front-end. Which, of course, Chrome is built upon.


Alrighty then :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure if Peruse was an experiment, a stop-gap, or a decision. Good, well, Chromium certainly has excellent support for native web components so I am confident I should not have a problem with my application development.



So, when is the new Peruse browser going to become the official browser? Looks like the browser being downloaded for Alpha 2 is still the Beaker fork?