Safe Browser Alpha Won't Open in Windows 10

I downloaded safe-browser-v0.17.0-alpha.1-win-x64.exe and ran it. I then clicked on the desktop icon it created, and nothing happened. Task Manager shows six background Safe Browser Alpha processes running. but no window opened and no app is running. I am running Windows 10 Home 64 bit and I always install the latest updates. What can I do to get the browser to open?

It works OK for me on Windows 10 but I seem to recall someone else having this problem too. Not sure if it was ever resolved.There’s no live network at the moment andyway so it’s going to be of limited use.

Did you reboot PC after installing?

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I had a go at installing this on a fresh Win 10 partition.
I could not get safe auth to start correctly so I gave up.

Can someone please remind me how to set the debug options on the Windows command line? I will try again with proper logging.

Despite the fact I knew I would have nowhere to point it, I went ahead and tried to install the latest beta browser in Win 10.
It seems to hang thusly…

with no further action after 5 minutes.

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