SAFE Beaker Browser Updates (0.4.0)



Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!


As more I been reading and playing with react + redux + JxJs, I am more impressed with it. It does indeed have a large learning curve like Rust ecosystem. Both of them has the similar sugar syntax which is a bonus for me.

I realized… what if we build beaker with all of the components that are requisite, then give users options to download additional scripts their their own thing. Hot loading is a great feature. The ability to change something without having to reload the entire app system. It is changed as you save the file. So you can view the app, and do something with it. Here’s one example, JS hyper with hot loading.

The dawn of Browser OS. The wasm is almost ready to be in production, we’re heading towards bare metals wasm OS with hotloading.

Here’s the thing… Even we all build different messaging apps, we all extract from the same location. Even we all build different file system apps, we still extract from the same location. And so on… What’s the point of building competing apps when all of them extract from the same data? Everybody would said, “well because each apps has different UI.” There we have it. Face it, lets not complicate ourselves, we shouldn’t waste time on UI. We should be focusing on the back end. End the server side UI system, and give back users more power to control the UI system. Safe beaker needs two new function, “themes” and “script plugins(like firefox plugin).” Now front end users can focus on changing on how they like it, and share/sell to the world.

Safe-launcher is gonna be build inside of the browser so… this would make a lot sense from my perspective.

This is the end of competing app era. Safenet is a breaking point.


Random thought for the Beaker Browser. If we are making our own browser might we add customizable hotkeys and shortcuts? Like a quick keystroke for BACK and FORWARD, or setup numbered hotkeys (like one would spells or abilities) for one’s favorite websites. Hit 1 - 0 or F1 - F12 for one’s favorite websites. And have the whole thing customizable so if one isn’t happy with the regular keystrokes it can all be changed.



Hence, my previous statement, we need beaker API script plugin. I think official beaker is working on it? I do see the beaker-plugins- under certain .js file. But not sure if it is functional?


Hi @Grizmoblust, I posted something along that line on the dev forum. I’m slowly working on a modified vision to present to this forum but since you brought it up I think you might be interest in reading it. I would surely love some more feedback on the idea.


Its like something out of the Upanishads. I think this logic should be taken to the limit.


beaker-plugins does work, but not as you hope.

It’s focussed primarily on adding protocols and js-apis into webpages. Not actually modifying the browser itself right now.


Hi I was looking at these SAFE Browser / safe-js examples and have some been removed?

I remember there being more.

Specifically, I was looking for the safe-js commands that dealt with StructuredData and AppendableData (which are kinda mentioned half way down on here).

I thought I remembered seeing them in the examples.

Are there any examples for them that I can see and learn from? Examples of things like window.safeStructuredData that would show what kind of inputs they need and context / use cases. Thx!

SAFE for a neophyte

Heyhey, Sorry @whiteoutmashups there were never any examples for those functions.

The tutorials section from maidsafe use a lot of this functionality though, so I’d dive in over there. :thumbsup: