SAFE Beaker Browser: Installation Walkthrough

Linux/Ubuntu Install Instructions:

Step 01: Install Git
Step 02: Sign up for
Step 03:
Step 04:
Step 05:

Step 06: Install node js
Use option one make sure to install the latest version

Check to see what the latest version is here

Step 07: Open Terminal

git clone cd beaker
git checkout SafePOC npm install
npm run rebuild npm start

Step 08: Any time you want to run the browser again all you have to do is open terminal

cd beaker npm start

Note 01: If you want to do a fresh install. Delete the beaker folder and start at Step 07:
Note 02: Do not worry about any errors that appear.


this was easy ! Thanks for the instructions


Thanks, it took me a while to figure out. I figured once I could do it, I should write it down.

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If you haven’t tried the SAFE Browser, what are you waiting for :wink:


What about for windows?

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I’ll do my best, but cross your fingers.


It doesn’t work on Windows, because the npm package for go-ipfs doesn’t work on Windows (See here). Therefore, “npm install” will fail because it can’t get that dependency.

I tried compiling go-ipfs manually following these instructions.

I successfully compiled it, but npm doesn’t seem to know that it exists. And now I’m stuck, because I know next to nothing about how NodeJS and npm actually works. Maybe there’s a method to manually get npm to install go-ipfs from the compiled version? I don’t know.

Any ideas, @betterthantrav?

If you successfully compiled the browser, what’s the problem?

You know about as much as I do. @joshuef can you help us?

No, not the browser.

I probably should have explained in the beginning of my post that my first steps were to just follow the instructions for Linux and see what happens.

So I cloned the Github repo, changed the branch, and ran npm install

Of course, it didn’t work. So I looked through the output, and it looks like the errors were caused by one dependency that npm couldn’t install: go-ipfs-dep

It’s just a package that the browser needs to compile, because beaker uses IPFS too. Since that package couldn’t be installed via npm, I just compiled that individual go-ipfs package by itself, which is where I got stuck because I wasn’t sure how to make npm use my compiled version to fulfill the dependency (or if such a thing is even possible… Like I said, I don’t much about how npm works and what it can do)

Edit: Here’s my output from running npm install in the beaker directory. I snipped out what looked like irrelevant output, and hid my log-in name…

Ah, you got it going! Brilliant.

Thanks @betterthantrav my node and npm were indeed out of date now. Paul’s beaker works now but I get a problem with sqlite3 for the SafePOC

When I run install, I get a lot of these warning:

And then when I start I get:

Any idea?

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I think @whiteoutmashups had a similar problem to this.

@DavidMtl that looks to me like the npm run rebuild step is missing in beaker.


Worked, I believe my mistake was to use “npm rebuild” instead of “npm run rebuild”.


Thanks mate! Great directions, installed perfect first try on newest Mint Distro.

Wow this thing moves fast…oh boy I feel some more long nights coming on. The creative juices are flowing for sure!

It is running the js/css perfect. I would say even better than firefox or chrome.

I can’t help it. Here is another page I don’t have linked yet in the menu:


I’ve also tried it today and think it’s really smooth… Done some regular websurfing and it’s very responsive etc … Like it !


@joshuef I am trying to crack the windows installation and I keep getting this error…


exactly what I got stuck with on windows…

can’t wait until I’m back home to my ubuntop :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just tried again now and got that exact same error popup again…

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Looks like the same error @DavidMtl had above.

npm run rebuild works without errors on windows?

@joshuef this is what I have done so far, but it gives me the above bellow error.

Windows Install Instructions:

Step 01: Sign up for
Step 02: Install Git
Step 03: Open Git Bash C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe
Step 04:
Step 05:
Step 06:

Step 07: Open Git Bash !!!You must close Git Bash!!!

Step 08: Install the latest version of node js

!!!Do not instal the LTS verison!!!

Step 09: Install Mercurial X.X MSI installer

Step 10: Install Go

Step 11: Install latest version of Java

Step 12: Open Git Bash C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe

mkdir c:/browser cd c:/browser
git clone cd beaker
git checkout SafePOC npm install
npm run rebuild npm start

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