SAFE Australia (win the original printing press posters plaques)

Hello friends! I wanted to post my next SAFE charity. This is specifically to aid those affected by the devastating fires in Australia.

These are going as a set. If you want to win the original printing press posters plaques (4 colors) from November and December please send me an email to with “SAFE Australia” in the subject. (do not pm or comment below for entry. I want to keep all the entries in one place so I do not miss anyone.) Also include your name or screenname if you want to be announced publicly. :dragon:

On Wed Jan 8th at 8pm EST entries will end and I will pick a random winner that night. If you are the winner, I will ask you to donate equivalent of $100 USD to the Australian Red Cross (you can substitute another charity as long as it’s directly benefiting those affected by the wildfires in Australia). Send me a screenshot or pic of your donation and I will ship them to you :dragon: I will pay shipping.

This is open only for countries in Europe because of shipping cost. You ONLY have to donate if you are the winner. It costs nothing to enter. If for some reason the winner does not end up donating, I will pick someone else, so please only email me if you are serious about donating.


Congratulations to the winner! Big “Thank you” to everyone who participated, SAFE be with you! :muscle: :dragon: :muscle:

The winner was drawn by this “cat generator of randomness” :wink: