SAFE as a mountable disk (safe-vfs): First version


Hey, Louis / @JohnVonNeumann there’s a very useful little job for a Ruby Dev, to update SAFE-VFS to work in the new API. @loureirorg hasn’t time to update it, but it would be fantastic to have this ready for alpha2 if you want to take a look at these two posts:

I’m afraid I have form here, trying to interest somebody in picking up SAFE-VFS but here’s why, this blew my mind:


Haha hey @happybeing, cheers for the tag. It appears I’m quickly being accepted into this community. I’m happy to have a look but haven’t worked with Ruby in a while and to be fair, it’s not my focus when it comes to languages. If it was in Python you’d probably stand a better chance of getting me onto this, but I think it would take me a while to get upto scratch just to start being able to work on it.


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Finding this thread was like getting an early Christmas present. I’ve been doing my homework looking at what already exists after I started thinking about trying to implement something similar via python. Great work @loureirorg ! From a linux perspective, this is a fundamental and critical app. Any other fuse based options out there for SAFE? Eventually one would want some kind of safe-vfs or “safe-ipfs” integrated right into the linux kernel just like ext4 or orangefs…
A similar project that could be used for inspiration is S3Backer. It does something similar but uses Amazon S3 to store encrypted chunks…


It’s such a shame that safe-vfs hasn’t been maintained (it doesn’t work with alpha 2) because yes, it’s both very useful, and a great way to demonstrate the power of SAFEnetwork.

Is a great opportunity for someone to pick this up - Ruby skills needed!


See also this guy’s new SAFE-VFS!


Very nice! Thank you again! I haven’t had much time to make a lot of progress with Safely, but your recent contributions will definitely accelerate things when I have more time in July. I was debating between MIT or GPL3, but will likely follow your lead. Cheers!


I was working on another version in java, but sadly that is on hold while the bindings aren’t available.


Soon though, yeah? :smiley:


Ha! So they tell us! :slight_smile: