SAFE as a mountable disk (safe-vfs): First version

Great work on SAFE-vFS! :wink: Do you have any other cool ideas you’re working on? I know a group that would compensate you for working on them!


Thanks @whiteoutmashups. I’m also working in a searchable wikipedia (it includes all 226k articles of the simple-english version and uses about 1000 puts to store everything - I already have a working proof of concept), and I started developing an alternative mobile browser (I know maidsafe team is also developing one). Also want to start a mining-based search engine and I have some ideas to improve this mountable disk.

But I’m basically doing these things in my spare time, just for fun and to learn more about the network. Usually I wouldn’t deny any financial contribution, but with financial contribution comes responsibilities to finish things, answer questions and things like that. And sometimes I’m so busy in my freelance stuff that I cannot work in my hobby projects for months. And from the perspective of someone donating money for my hobby projects and watching me disappear for months with no contact at all - this can be disastrous for my reputation.

Oh yeah, and I’m a freelancer, which means I can be hired by anyone to work in any crazy (or not) idea, but I’m afraid I can be too expensive for these projects.

So in short: I can work 100% committed as freelancer (but it can be expensive due the nature of some of these projects - research, advanced computation, multi-technology domain, etc), or I can do this as a hobby. In this case I do prefer not receive money for future contributions, only for things I did in the past.


On behalf of @maidsafe I am happy to announce that you’re hired. Office on your left, unlimited cappuccino, and a futon for those late days or just every day for that matter. JK JK. Or am I?


Well OK I see, thx then

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mining-based search engine

@.@ !!!

If anything needs to be decentralized on this earth , it is search engines. I will look into this VERY closely. !


Have you considered working for a project from the community engagement program [CEP] at some point? It’s inactive atm but will be restarted soon, afaik. It would be like bein hired :slight_smile:
Just in case you didn’t know about it.


I can now save to /private but not to /public or /outside. Ruby bug is fixed though :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it’s not possible to save files on the root of /public. You can only have folders there (which can contain files inside). This makes sense, and correct me if I’m wrong, if you consider that the primary use of /public is to store websites. Each website has its own folder.


Bravo! This is something really will promote SAFE at the first place.

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Oh I see. Yes, if I create a subfolder in public then it works. Good stuff!

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(and so easy! just download -> run - no ruby installed - no fuse - no nothing :smiley: Thank you So Much! @loureirorg it is so amazing!)


Futon? You’ll make us soft man! We only sleep on beds of nails here!


Beds made of crushed servers


I just uploaded a new version. The last one I think.

It enables the ability to create websites.

How to create a website:

# website files
mkdir public/my-dir
echo “Hello world!” > public/my-dir/index.html

# publishing
mkdir dns/my-app
ln -s public/my-dir dns/my-app/www

Then, open safe://, you will see your “Hello world!”.

PS: Please let me know if you find a bug on it (here or on GitHub).


@loureirorg this is incredible. I had to see that to appreciate it because it’s such an advance.

Unless we spell this out, people will simply not realise that those​ four commands are:

  • uploading your website to the network
  • registering a SAFEnetwork web domain and
  • publishing that website forever (nothing else to do, nothing else to pay)



Passes the 4-pints-pissed test with flying colours :+1:
Hello world!


Doesn’t it feel good to :

mkdir dns/mydomain



Man, that is pretty awesome @loureirorg


The frustratimg thing is, it takes illustrating this step for people to appreciate everything before it. The maidsafe devs will know that they put everything in place to enable this, but people cannot see it until the final step is made.

It is great to see it though! It really shows everyone what the full stack can do!


wahuba! where is my network? :smiley: to me the most important features are working now (and who cares about windows users :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) easy file backup / easy website publication and administration / easy and secure messaging =D let’s clone wikipedia into the next testnet :smiley:

(oh and btw - since wikipedia is blocked inside turkey we could already bring some freedom to the people living there xD still in alpha but already changing the world for the turkish)
[ ps: and right - there are probably a lot of countries blocking at least parts of wikipedia … so not only turkey :hushed: … that was just the first thing that came to my mind ]