SAFE Art - permanent and unique digital content

So I am an artist, I draw and paint with traditional media when I am not on a computer.

I am very concerned about permanence of art works. In particular, I have a very deep conviction that permanence is a non negotiable condition for art.

These days I have had a revelation, in that the SAFE network will allow the creation of digital files that will be 1) permanent 2) unique because of deduplication, 3) public

In my conception of what art is, this makes it possible for a digital image to become a real work of art, when the “traditional” digital supports only allowed copies, or representations of art works.

The file itself can become art.

Sending this idea here, for what it is worth.

Very deeply inspiring to me.


If you dig around on here, you might find building blocks in development, that would enable a ‘Digital Art Gallery’ complete with ‘Artcoin’ perhaps.

I like your thoughts.

I see Safe as facilitating a store of human wealth for the future.
This could be ‘original’ art, or scientific advances as published papers. Over the long run, these kinds of ‘true’ value things will be referred to a great many times more than one-off things such as the latest celeb gossip.

I had an idea for an art piece on the nature of reality and digital copies. You could take a portrait photo of a face or maybe a bowl of fruit and print it on a colour printer, scan it and print it, scan the print and repeat lots and lots of times. As you do so the image is likely to deteriorate until it is unrecognisable. Then take each ‘frame’ and convert to a video. No idea what would happen, but would be interesting.

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Ugh. Sorry, but I hate the idea of altcoins on the Network.

First of all, Coins will be able to work because the developers created special conditions for the treatment of that Structured Data tag_type.

Also, Coins are based on a tangible resource given to the Network - hence the shift from PoW to PoR. Any scheme that bases it on something not directly tied to the Network like that invariably introduces a type of FUDCoin. And a FUDCoin cannot be useful to anyone.

Lastly, what I like to call the M-Pesa phenomenon tends to occur when creating currency-like ability built into something that is not. This is not necessarily the case with your example, but who knows what it would be used for rather than the narrow intended purpose for which it was created. Better to be ready to be extensible than think extensibility would never happen.

I’ve always thought of art as anything that contributes to the culture of a civilization. Works of art - as I’m sure you know @nice - are necessary to strike the balance between a free, yet responsible society. As the content that contributes to the culture of a civilization is inherently valued only in the impact that it has to the consumers thereof (“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”), it’s hard to properly determine the value that the content has on society.

This contribution to society is very precious and has - along with technology - had a great deal of influence in shaping the eras of human history. The ability to have it permanent, unique, and public is spectacular and one of the many things about the Network that I truly adore.

I have to agree with David and Seneca on this one…could be a game changer.

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For “likes” or “posts”, not for currency - negating none of the points raised.

Wow…how did I miss that thread!!! Amazing stuff!

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What’s missing is a way to timestamp it officially with the blockchain for example. Without this someone can just reupload your work with a tiny change and claim it is the original, it’s gonna be your words against them.

I like the thought though.

this is an interesting point, I wonder if a file in safe has a birth date.

Then, what matters is that the original still exists and remains unique .As such it is the piece of art. The reuploaded one is a copy in the traditional digital sense.
Nothing prevents me from painting a physical copy of a real Vermeer or sculpting a copy of an antique Egyptian statue ( other than my skills :wink: ) , but I can’t recreate the piece of art. The original remains, and only the original holds the artistic value. I can only pretend my copy is the original, and try ( or not ) to make money with it and give it financial value. Both real and digital copies cannot hold artistic value, but they can hold financial value.
The Safe network features allow a digital container to hold real artistic value because it is really unique, here is the change. Then if I want to protect its financial value or paternity , the timestamp and maybe a signature would become interesting. Indeed.

Time does not exist in the SAFEnetwork, so no timestamps.

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But nothing stops you from using another platform for the timestamp like bitcoin. It doesn’t need to be done inside Safe as long as it’s trusted.


In what sense are you referencing ‘trust’ in this case…third party?

I’m not really sure what you are asking for. Trusted by the people who care about having the original file of an artist. A third party recognized by the community as a valid agent to record a timestamp. The blockchain being a candidate.