Safe Applications payment economics


Safecoin is a valuable part of the SAFE network and allows resource providers to be paid by users of
that resource. Users in this case are content producers, or those who upload data to the network.

As expressed on github the qoute abovr shows applications will be rewarded according to the number of users.

How does the safenetwork seek to implement this and does it mean for companies like ours payment will be random and inconsistent since there is a lottery like payment mechanism. I hope my question makes sense. We are a global company and we havr made millions of dollars on the internet we believe this project is worth looking at .

For companies and basic application developers a less technical explaination of the safecoin economics would help


Congrats on the release of the MVP

10 key facts about SAFE Network
10 key facts about SAFE Network

“Lottery” gives the wrong impression, because it implies that the chance to win is extremely small and may not happen for long times. Instead, the chance is relatively high and the reward relatively low, so if you have a popular app you might perhaps “win” every 15 minutes on average. On a daily basis the income would be quite constant. These are completely fictional numbers of course.


I guess more information about the payment mechanism will be clear upon release of the full network.

Indeed the wording also got me concerned. The safenetwork reward protocol should be better than the current internet if this project is to draw a talented number of developers.

If the payment mechanism is better than the traditional internet my wildest guess would be all the applications on google and apple stores will rush onto the safenetwork making mass adorption faster and global

Thanks @Seneca


There will be more choice for developers and service providers, not just the above option of course. It provides a no brainer minimal effort solution (just attach a wallet address).

Other options will be traditional purchase (pre and in-app), subscription, content consumption etc, but will be far more practical and more widely useful because using Safecoin will allow true micropayments at high rates, and with zero fees (and very simple integration).

I don’t see how anything can compete with this.


This is amazing @happybeing i just cant stop imaging how far this will mean for the developers and consumers

If there is intergration of traditional payment methods then it means application users will still enjoy quality services and normal and even better user satisfaction as in the old internet


@dallyshalla @happybeing @Seneca does the safex support multiple revenue collection mechanisms? Besides automatic reward from the application how about a minimum transcation cost ?


And those traditional payment methods can work without access to fiat currency.

This is game changing, because when people realise they can pay using farming income, the network will attract resources, which will drive performance, attract users and developers and so on.

All this has massive implications for economics, information access, the unbanked, the creative potential of humanity - you name it.

Just as we face the great crisis of this civilisation, who knows, maybe SAFEnetwork is a key component in lifting us out of the, so far, inevitable crash in government that has destroyed many past civilizations.

Yesterday may turn out to be a historic day for mankind. Amazing to be a witness, let alone participate here. :slightly_smiling:


I can read this line over and over again it sure is innovation at its best feels like the days of Thomas Edson and the bulb


Pfft forget Edison think Tesla.


Its the light im talking about


@Lisam11 Keep in mind that the specific mechanism to reward the apps hasn’t been finalized yet.

The application developer rewards are seen as a good start to pay creators of applications on the app popularity, measured via its use. This design incorrectly identifies the measure of use as the number of GET requests the app carries out. A better solution should be found for this measure.
Safecoin Implementation RFC 0012

Hey guys, you know what’s funny? In the quote:

Kinda contradicts each and every PtP argument don’tcha think?


I dont see any contradiction here especially if you read again :slightly_smiling: the last part . There is PUT costs for evryone


@dirvine what mechanism has been put in place to reward applications as this will determine the quality of developers the network will attract