SAFE App Launcher V1

Last updated 11/Feb/15 12:37 PM

@Viv @Shona @anon86652309 any new updates?

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Last updated date doesn’t pull info from sub tasks btw. MAID-759 for example was completed today :smile:

As for a general update:

  • Work going into routing v2 has taken Fraser away from Launcher backend for an interm period. He should be able to get back into launcher soon I’d guess. He has a few parts to add to the backend API interms of app launching / network permission management sections
  • Shona’s been working on the UI Design and Add/Home Page designs are getting more close to completion which I think you should be able to see from the illustrator file(can open it with adobe reader if you don’t have illustrator btw). Still very much in the design phase for the App in terms of UI here.
  • We’ve had Spandan off from Monday and also two new members join the frontend team this week. So progress this week is going to be a bit slow from UI implementation side. (Scott - UI Designer, joined Monday and Gildas - Qt UI Dev started today)

Once the new guys settle in, they’re also going to be working on Launcher. We’ve also got the MWC event next week, so gonna be out of office from Mon - Thu, but by mid next week, things should start settling down a bit I hope :smile:


I kinda figured you guys were not slacking. Keep up the good work. :smile:

Really appreciate the fleshed-out coverage.

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