SAFE app devs for hire

Creating a thread for potential employers to find SAFE app devs, in response to the following:

Developers, use this thread to post your profile/ CV:


We created a subreddit a while ago

Actually waiting for more dedicated people in this community to run it


This thread is a great idea.

Gives people a place on this forum to post their ideas and budgets, and attract potential devs in our safenetforum community

Fully support this thread, great idea :slight_smile:


Hunter Lester

Areas of experience: React, Redux, Rust, ImmutableJS, Chai, Mocha, TDD, SocketIO, Webpack, ES5, ES6, Angular 1.x, HTML, CSS, native Javascript DOM methods, git, GitHub, Mongoose, MongoDB, Express, NodeJS, Gulp, PassportJS, JsonWebTokens, Bootstrap, Foundation, vim, Docker, AWS, WordPress

I’ve spent the last 2 years working as a web developer with a previous career in agriculture. I spent years managing a crew of 8 to 15 people to efficiently ship and receive fresh produce to and from the greater western States of North America. It was there that I learned efficiency, where a less than 1% profit margin kept all of our jobs consistently on the line. As a milker on a raw dairy, I was responsible for the integrity of goat and cow milk production, where anything other than utmost attention to detail meant the harm of a human life consuming our milk.

Studying has always been a passion of mine; from equine behavior and Sanskrit, as a teenager, to holistic land management, accounting, Afro-based dance, and computer science, as an adult.

I’m currently studying Rust using the strict compiler as my teacher as I learn systems programming. This is also making me think more about memory management and design choices as I program in higher level languages for web development.

Work summary:
I’ve worked on a variety of web development projects developing both front and back end, while also helping to make database data model choices.

  • Healthcare application for Fresno, CA based youth counseling services to manage State billing, clients, counselors, and more
    See demo (contact me if server is down at time of this reading)
    username: hunterlester
    password: hunterlester

  • Social media platform, focused on subject matter
    This repository holds the prototype for a social media platform that I helped spearhead for another company in Fresno, CA
    The idea was to focus the user’s experience on subject matter first instead of following users and being exposed to their every post.

  • Proposal Generator
    This generator is to create proposals for the Dash network’s governance system

  • Wordpress template development for

Github repository
NPM module to help manage deeply nested data
Stackoverflow Profile

SAFE projects:

Salary requirements:
My priority is the success of the SAFE network. If I see a project that brings value to users and the network, I may decide to work on it for free.
Otherwise I’m looking to cover basic living costs for my family at around $40,000 per year or about $20 per hour.


Hi Hunterlester,

We have a project called PasPost. ( ) registered in Norway.
This project aims to disrupt multi-billion economies in logistics, postal services and transport.
In the era of IoT when goods are ordered by machines or humans, PasPost will be fast and cheaper than postal and other expensive logistic services. People can share this economy among themselves and give services to each other. PasPost is scalable and profitable and can be used by anyone worldwide. It will make a change for people not only in developed countries but also in developing countries from far villages in India and Africa to Alaska. We need a developer/co-founder who can lead this project and makes a demo app and prepares this project for fundraising with tokens and crowdsale. (60% of worldwide fees goes to token holders, 20% for you and 20% for us ? )
I explained this project to David Irvine and he said its a great opportunity and ask me to discuss it with the forum. If you are interested please contact me.

Parsa Shirkhani


He’s since been hired by Maidsafe themselves I’m afraid Parsa.

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Thanks for info Jabba, we prefer to work with someone who knows Maidsafe. but there are not many of them …


@Parsa This sounds great, @whiteoutmashups always has a lot on his plate but he knows a lot of movers and shakers in the space so having him aware of it could be helpful if he happens to know anyone. Also soon there will be a Java API for integrating with Safe that I think any external dev could most likely handle. Maidsafe is making it increasingly easier for new devs and in time it will be as easy as making a web app for the legacy internet so don’t shy away from this project or be discouraged. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips @Nigel I will contact @whiteoutmashups , appreciate your suggestions … :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Parsa,

Thank you for reaching out.

In the coming months I’ll be in contact with many more developers that are learning our network API’s.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for you and send some good candidates your way.


Hi @hunterlester , I appreciate it. We have done market research and the project will be huge and profitable in the long term.
To begin with we need a serious and ambitious Dev / project manager as our co-founder who is familiar with Maidsafe API and have time and dedication.
We need a MVP which should not be difficult to make, to integrate with maidsafe network,
a professional website on Maidsafe, fundraising webpage and dash-port site like or preparation for Bnktothefuture.
We hope you find someone for us :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you very much.

Kind regards,


Employ or contract a [principal, fullstack, devops] developer for your Rust-based SAFE project

As I moonlight on my projects I would like to develop SAFE software (apps and CLI tools) for others to earn income while learning SAFE. Additionally, I would like to begin contributing to SAFE’s design now that it is nearing an initial release and I can only do that at a high quality level with practical experience.

  • Over ~20 years I have used PHP, Ruby, C, Objective-C, and TypeScript, however I am only interested in Rust-based projects. I’ve been using Rust daily for two years and would consider myself at an intermediate skill level.
  • I will work on anything that does not exploit people or involve software patents.
  • Being a technical founder and having experience with all roles of software production, I can also fulfill other duties such as project management, architecture, UX design, and infrastructure deployment.
  • Based in the USA.
  • My rate is $50/hr employed or $80/hr contract with timesheets provided.
  • Time I spend learning SAFE is at my expense and not yours.
  • Accepting MAID and BTC for payment.
  • I respect that I’m new to the forum. If you’re a regular, I’ll develop and demo to your satisfaction before payment.

Thank you for your consideration.