Safe App concept design

My concept design based on windows UWP design

I’m not good at English so I can’t say much.
Just hope you like it






A browser bundled with farming control center and wallet app :blush:

Looks nice and clean - not bloated with unnecessary things but with enough statistics for farming to satisfy my needs and to adjust the settings to meet my requirements (not draining too much bandwidth in average or peak or…)


Nice work! Would love to have a wallet like this on SAFE.


Looks great and simple!


Looks very great and simple! Good jobs.


Nice this is only a sketchup right?

UI design with photoshop or something?

Looks nice though, but if there’s code to look at, please share :slight_smile:


is only design. no code here


Very pretty nonetheless :slight_smile:


I love the simplicity and design of the wallet! I like the farming and network stats and disk space sliders though I have a slightly different picture in my head for the disk allocation in all due respect.

I kind of envision a hard hard disk as a pie chart (using that nice safenetwork blue color) that has a resource slider upon setup and network stats off the the right. After initial setup I’d have the a lock icon for changing provided space where you enter credentials possibly because lowering provided space could make you lose rank I imagine (affecting your farming rate negatively). Could be wrong. But the addition of farming stats is super cool and I think your mock-up is great looking. Nice to see some eye candy :nerd_face:


I am more fan of something like this for nodes, farming, bandwidth, and cost of the resource.

Perhaps this type of thing could be selected as “advance” in options. Simple format, and advance format.


And you got the Maid price about right:rofl::sweat_smile::grin:


Missed this thread before some how, but it looks good! It is amazing how much some flashy visuals appeal to people, so it would be great to have something like this!


I feel like the quality of a design, and the execution thereof, often represent the quality of a product as a whole. I am eager to see that modern designers take part in this community. I very much so enjoy working closely with designers on a daily basis. The prospect of working with a designer to extend the network of the future, sounds like a pioneering dream.

Super hyped :relaxed:


I do think it would look more intuïtive if the top bar were full width, having the menu pushed down by it. Especially so that the menu wouldn’t slide over it. I’d suggest taking a few hints from Microsoft as well on this one. Take a look at the Azure portal for example. They have sub menus fold out to the right, taking ample space. Because frankly when you are using the menu, you usually don’t really need the content anymore anyway, so why not dedicate more space to the menu.

Check it out, the blue area is the dashboard (or content), falling behind the sub-menus but being pushed by the main menu (when expanded):

Clearly I am not a designer, just offering a perspective which I think is interesting. Clearly not everyone agrees with Microsoft’s UX choices :wink:

But yea I do think we’d be making better use of our space if we all made our menus this way (for landscape). After all, we currently cram a two dimensional list in to the single shortest dimension of the screen, that can’t be right :thinking:


I’d love to work with you @cipheos and @Niv if I ever find time to build an app (or more feasibly be part of a team building an app) because I’m both a big fan of good design and UX and also find it hard to create myself. Failing that I’d love to see you getting together to work on something and chip in and help where useful.


Time is indeed an issue, I already spend all my free time on game development… I’ll have to see what the future holds :thinking:

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