SAFE API Client Libraries (Go, Ruby, ...)

I created this post as a reference for all those looking for SAFE libraries.

SAFE API Client Libraries:

Examples / Reference Apps

The above libraries mostly include examples, so look there too. Here are listed additional example apps:

  • TodoMVC reference implementation by @zatvobor Uses ReactJS, Redux, electron and the SAFE Launcher API.

Do you know a SAFE API wrapper or example that isn’t here? Please edit this post yourself and add it in above.


Added @zatvobor’s TodoMVC reference app.


Added SAFE.NET work in progress implementation


This doesn’t have @joshuef 's SAFE-JS

Added @joshuef SAFE-JS.


Rust :bug:

thread ‘main’ panicked at ‘called Option::unwrap() on a None value’

Here’s hoping someone can fix that, as it’s great to see the detail in rust.


This thread is SOOO IMPORTANT and I wish it got more attention.

Any new dev looking at SAFE will go straight here.

“What languages is it available in?” is the first question the outreach guys from MaidSafe Asia asked me.

I’m going to learn the basics of as many of these languages as I can, and make tutorials, so I will have more relevant material to bring to different local tech Meetups, and spread SAFE. I encourage everyone else to do the same!!



There really needs to be no hurdle in the way of getting some bright idea interacting with the network.

In the absence of a simple REST API, we all need to be proactive in making it simple to understand… not just for expert devs but anyone that can hack an existing bit of code in javascript and then perhaps nodejs.

We need everyone putting their time to their idea not wondering how to use the API.

Examples are really important and the OP here was my route into doing the little I can.

I’m still working on the Rust to Rust route for simple get requests… as I wonder that must be faster than having nodejs in the way as an additional hoop to jump but I do like the idea that in the future there might be some simple abc for the nodejs that I can work with… beyond me atm.

I wonder that if someone explained in detail how to make a hello world Android app, then we’d all be doing it.