SAFE and Solid: the internet as it should be

After attending mozfest last week, and listening to an introductory talk by Ruben Verborgh, I decided to try and convey some of the enthusiasm I felt in a blogpost.

Here it is:

I tried to express the Solid vision at a high level and to explain how it is complementary with the SAFE Network’s vision.

Hope you enjoy the read :smile:

P.S: I also created a topic on the Solid forum, if you’re interested in more cross-community discussions


Great post, Medium articles like this build bridges with the possibility to attract more brilliant people for both projects, making people intrested and curious about what the future web can be like.


Good stuff Pierre, a very nice article. Really helps highlight the questions which I’m seeing raised repeatedly by people as they learn how Solid works. They, like us, love the features, vision and potential of Solid, but many remain concerned by the issues that remain unsolved by a server based Pod infrastructure.

I think these include:

  • centralisation and user capture by Pod providers. Just as we see with other ‘free’ markets, making it possible to move your data (bank account, electricity supplier, Web host etc) does not mean users will not be captured, and abused by clever, manipulative, powerful corporations. SAFE offers a better, cheaper solution without the need to move once bait becomes switch, so we can win this one.

  • vulnerability of our data to hacking, surveillance, leaks and so on, due to the difficulty of securing web accessible servers, made all the worse if those servers hold the data of large numbers of users, which seems inevitable given the first point.

  • the difficulty of creating a secure, and user positive application ecosystem on the Web, where PoD servers have to be paid for and developers have to earn from limited and exploitative revenue models. Again, it is wide open for exploitation by the Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft monopolies, and again SAFE has an alternative solution. One that shifts the balance towards small independent developers, but without increasing the burden for users with subscription, lock in, or ongoing hosting costs. Scalability without infrastructure costs for developers, app services that users will find cheap as well as painless to adopt and sustain, with security, privacy and data ownership baked in.


Solid has a concept of “data silo’s”. That should go well with data farming :wink:

Also here the presentation about Solid by Ruben Verborgh and Tim Berners-Lee at the Decentralized Web Summit of last august.


Nice write up Pierre,

SAFE and SOLID has so much potential, I hope there is a lot of talk happening between the teams in the back ground.

Great to hear some of you guys went to Mozfest, even though you didn’t get to do a presentation. Hopefully next year you guys can feature.

Btw, added here:


Nice work Pierre. The Solid + Safe concept reminds me of the lore/backstory of Gnu + Linux.


I also hope both projects will join efforts and bring us the next generation Web.


Btw, a colleague out of the blue started talking about SOLID today. It is a new contract, so I haven’t been there long to talk much. I mentioned SAFE and SOLID and how SAFENetwork would be a great foundation for it! :sunglasses: