SAFE and SoLiD storage

Hi, what are the main differences between SAFE network and Project Bitmark Solid storage(forked from SoLiD)


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Safe is:

  • robust: distributed, redundant, self-healing
  • secure: everything is encrypted, both in storage and flight
  • private: you leave no traces

It covers:

  • storage
  • communication
  • possibly: computing (later)

It’s both:

  • a platform:
    • a program (the vault) running on your computer
    • a set of protocols by which nodes on the network discover each other, communicate, agree on what’s true and what’s accepted, etc
  • a framework: an open API to build apps that use the platform

It also includes a currency:

  • it can facilitate arbitrary payments:
    • private: no chain of transactions; you only know who paid you, not who paid them
    • real-time: no “confirmations,” just an atomic transfer of ownership
    • scalable: there’s no global limit on transactions per second (e.g. implied by the size and frequency of blocks on a blockchain, which limits bitcoin transactions to about 7/s currently)
  • it incentivises good behavior (e.g. providing consistent storage capacity) through “farming” (proof of resource)
  • it discourages the abuse of resources, because things cost money (the less the free space, the more it costs)

In short, it’s pretty comprehensive compared to anything else currently out there.