SAFE and Digital Physics

Anyone have a sense of how the new discipline and paragdigm of digital physics will impact SAFE and cybersecurity?

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This is the virtual reality Universe thingy again isn’t it?

“Discipline and paradigm”…you sure? Are we going to gradually lead into the SI thing again? DON’T DO IT" you know it’s dead scary and freaks you out! ; :smiley:
If you mean the “sciencey” bit, then it’s a bit like asking “How does String Theory relate to Safe/Cyber Security” isn’t it?

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It was first suggested by Wheeler and Zuse, some of the QM founders liked it. but now Deutche, Lloyde, Fredkin, Smolin, Wolfram, Bostrom, Whitram, Campbell on and on. Its gone from fringe to looking like it will be the acknowledged mainstream in a few years. Its has security implications for SAFE.

Just check out the digital physics wiki.

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Looks like particles don’t exist.

Campbell said is you took the Copernican Revolution, classical mechanics, q mechanics, and relativity and multiplied by 10 you might get an idea of the level of disruption digital physics will unleash when it sinks in likely over the next decade.

I’d go further and say that it seems to destroy the basis for all of our assumptions and disciplines. Does religion, philosophy and science survive this? I am not sure they do. If we redefined what a human being was over a the biome, this go so much further its ridiculous. If man kind had live another million years could we have expected this kind of massive leap? But apparently there were glimmerings occurring to Wheeler and Zuse going back to the beginning of q mechanics in the 20s. And if you go through Campbell’s stuff it seems like some may have been playing with this for a while but keeping it to themselves.

Cambell does very well in explaining the fundamental relationship between consciousness and matter. However i caution you in using his work to show people this new paradigm. He also presents extremely controversial ideas and stories which may lead people to completely disregard all the other very well proven science he talks about.

Out Of Body Experience, Robert Monroe, Going into other realities in his sleep…etc i find very very suspect.
Non sequitur logical fallacy.

Yep if Campbell is right some people who style themselves skeptics will be the but of the biggest joke ever told and the greatest fools in history. Alternatively, Campbell could be a fraud. I’ve gone through about 95% of his tomb now and I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, digital physics is already way way beyond radical but the only thing that seems to resolve the hard problems of consciousness, cosmology and physics. And if its all software the psi stuff is trivial and Campbell always puts in that context.

The other thing about Campbell is his conservatism literally “work or die- evolution- productivity and profitability” but in my adult life the vision he presents of conservatism is the first, hard edged as it is, that I can relate to and stomach. He does seem to have the kind of mind you’d want to employ to shoot down nukes. His mind and mentality seem to be equal parts total hard nosed objective skeptic show-me experimental coupled to radical openness and a willing to take any concept or assertion to the literal limit of conception. Those characteristics are coupled to a gentle self effacing sense of humor that makes him seem humble despite the content he writes about. He also seems to have some sobriety and wisdom in his personal viewpoints and choices.

One thing though, Campbell seems to suggest that using some basic TM techniques will unlock the direct experience of this stuff if you are ready. He describes a world where you’d never see his book or something like it unless it were the next thing in your personal evolution within the virtual world. He describes a world that is all about the personal evolution of the quality of individual consciousness and where every aspect of that preschool world that he calls the physical matter reality learning lab is contrived to drive the increase in that quality. Its beyond contrivance. It reminds me of Andy Weir’s “The Egg.” I’d guess Weir must have gone through Campbell’s book. Some might say why didn’t Buddha, Christ, Mohammad tell us about this stuff? I think they all hinted at it- but Campbell has his invincible psi uncertainty principle.