SAFE And Business

Admittedly new here, and I have read some similar posts, however for a highly interactive business reliant on a mass market of online clients and customers, how can that work? Will the entire population of the WWW have to migrate to SAFE in order for the effort of setting up marketing to be worthwhile? And what the heck do I do with current clients/customers. Seems to me that I will wind up working two online businesses.

Or is SAFE primarily for P2P interactions?

That’s what I’m wondering, and so far I haven’t found a definitive answer in the posts… so I thought I would just ask directly. Thanks folks, and cheers!


That seems inevitable considering there will never be a “switch over” date or anything like that.


The alpha 2 test network running now is primarily web site/applications running purely on SAFE without any hosting on a server. SAFE is in effect one big server, or distributed server, or whatever you want to call it. In reality it is serverless as we think of the current web.

Although P2P will be running on SAFE too. Like a replacement for bittorrent except the files will be complete and simply be public files that people can access. I reckon that bittorrent will be replaced by SAFE and people will simply run an APP that requests the files in “parallel” so it gets to them as fast as they can handle it. Oh and the best part is that no one can know who accessed what file.