SAFE Ambassador title


Thanks but I wouldn’t really know what country to put. Malaysia? Singapore? HK, it would be hard for me if it’s bound to a certain place.

Probably Malaysia I guess. For the Meetups we have here


I believe it is not a problem the title to be and only SAFE Ambassador… But if someone wants something specific like the name of a country, a city, a group of people is also ok :slight_smile:


Not everybody cares for titles, but I do second this.


SouthKorea / Seoul / SeungMinLee


Do you have any examples of what you are currently doing.

Some examples of what I mean

  • links to sites where you are active?
  • Pictures of where you are talking about SAFE to others?
  • Links to any material you have produced
  • or any other examples of activities.

Please just saying you are doing something only gives no evidence. Maybe get others to post about your activities with some verifiable examples


Hi, @neo

I am co-founder of @KafkaLee.

We make a telegram based Cosmos wallet; Lunagram. If you use android phone, you can use it

This is github
We are open source project and decentralized wallet.

This is our first product, and this idea comes from kafkaLee (Attaching blockchain based decentralized finance system to 200M telegram users)

He always stressed the importance of consensus engines. And he has been paying attention to MaidSafe for about 10 years and has been introducing the project to Korea. But most of community member can’t endure this long time and gone (He was blamed from general people that time…)

However, KafkaLee has been constantly watching MaidSafe and delivered to Korea the news that PARSEC was successful last year (But people didn’t know what happens).

The MaidSafe slove the decentralization without blockchain (it is technical Marvel…). At blockchain field, Tendermint consensus engine implement one block finality. So, we think it is good for whole ecosystem. We translate every official post and hold meet up.

This is our results for 2.5 years

We have done this work as a community member not core team member or PR agency. And I like to show the result first (so as Lee). Now, we start little contribution like translate weekly report etc. That is first :slight_smile:

The reason I wrote this long is that Kafka has talked a lot about MaidSafe more than anyone in the south korea, and really really excited that Parsec was complete. And I want to show that we are result and product oriented person not title oriented. :slight_smile:

I can contribute in the same way as a translator, a meet up holder but he always think what applications to make if a safe network comes along. And I fully agree with his claim that building good applications is the best way to expand the ecosystem.


Hey @bridge, do you understand that the SAFE Ambassador title is for people promoting the SAFE Network and not for Cosmos?

These are two fundamentally different projects. The SAFE Network is permissionless “impossible” network, Cosmos is permissioned blockchain…

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I show the product to solve the misconception that he is just someone who is interested in the title. He is very application and result oriented dev.

The results for maidsafe is first. (He does this very long time but no record…) So, I do not think it is appropriate to discuss the ambassador title right now.

And we will start a visible action for MaidSafe. That is my points.


@bridge Thank you for the clarification and thank you too @KafkaLee for the efforts and the faith in MaidSafe. With great interest I will follow your efforts for a new SAFE world! :slight_smile:


I hope that we will attach safenet to Telegram users soon.

Then, telegram users could see a safenet based video contents at group chat :slight_smile:

The china could ban Youtube but not safenet.

@dimitar thanks for kinds word!