SAFE Ambassador title

Also, depending on how busy he is, I’d definitely personally vouch for @Harvindar to be an ambassador. He truly amazed me at how much he does behind the scenes, starting WhatsApp groups, small events, etc.

If he responds and wants it, I’d nominate him


I want to urge him to share what he is doing in the forum. We can all win by learning from each other. Also, in order for moderators to vote for someone to receive the title, there must be evidence of work done.


He posts about it on facebook more often than on here. And he’s never really been seeking to maximize credit, so just does things where it’s comfortable for him.

But he seems to log in here from time to time. Hopefully the tag will give him a prod to give his input here @Harvindar


Hi Will. Thank you for the support. I like everything Maidsafe does on social platforms. Fb. Twitter and even Linkedin. Have sold almost 3 million maidsafescoins to a small Malaysian community and they are all loyally waiting for launch. A few of them are hardcore fans. Most of my immediate family have bought. So i have a lot riding on this project. Seldom say much in the forum since there are so many i can learn frm here :blush:


Well there you have it folks :trophy:

My official nomination goes right there.

Well deserved. Great guy.

And you chose the right project, @Harvindar


I guess the next big decision we need to make is which launch party to attend?
3million maids… there is going to be some big party in Malaysia.

So where do we go, Malaysia, Scotland, England, Netherlands… i’m sure the numbers will dwarf Glastonbury … we probably need to organise a festival with real ale, whisky and good food.


Scotland all the way.


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If there is one in Malaysia everyone here will get an invite :blush:


It is the most exciting project. Has thought me patience and i also have met new people who have become good friends :slight_smile:


There’s so many MaidSafe communities. @Sotros25 back in the USA (Chicago?), @hunterlester in SF Cali, @Dimitar in Bulgaria, not to mention the official ones on meetup, with Kampala coming soon. Maybe even Safex will migrate back from blockchain one safe runs well enough. And that’s in Ukraine or something.

Really amazing what the community does on their own. Will probably be lots of launch parties but a Scottish one with Mr Irvine seems to be the only one that really matters in my eyes :joy:


I agree, but I doubt I’ll get a visa.


3 million coins??? You’re a whale @Harvindar. No wonder they have to build a big pool at your office.

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Sold…not bought :rofl:


We’ll take Mastercard


SafeCoin would also be ok.

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If you promise to be good and not mention cricket, even obliquely, then we will guarantee safe passage for you from the northernmost point of the canal network (Lancaster?) to Ayrshire. And back again.

But having tasted civilisation, you are unlikely to want to return.


I think that’s code for something, but I can’t do the accent.

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That’s OK. It’s the ones who DO try to do the accent and fail miserably that really annoy.

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Och aye, see yer Jemmey…wa tatties en neeps. [nuts tablet]

[Enters voice activated lift]

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