SAFE Ambassador title

To honor the efforts of everybody struggling for a new SAFE world we have created the SAFE Ambassador title!

See an example here:

The SAFE Ambassador title will be assigned by moderators (at their discretion) based on suggestions made by community members in this topic (e.g. "I suggest that @username should be assigned the “SAFE Ambassador” title). Everyone is welcome to make suggestions by replying to this topic. Once a week, new suggestions will be reviewed by moderators. The community member being proposed for a particular title will be able to confirm whether or not he/she wants to have it.

Moderators will consider assigning this title to people that:

  • Moderate SAFE Network social channels for a local community.
  • Translate the dev update and other SAFE Network content for a local community.
  • Organize SAFE Network meetups for a local community.
  • Publish SAFE Network content for a local community.

The SAFE Ambassador title will be assigned for 6 months. At the end of this period, if the community member is not active anymore, the title will be removed. If he/she is still actively involved in a local SAFE Network community, it will be reassigned.

List of all SAFE Ambassadors:

Ambassador Description Re-election
D @Dimitar Active in Bulgaria. Contacts email: ; phone: +35924111111 ; website June 2020
S @Sotros25 Active in USA June 2020

This is a great idea. I love that Dimitar will be the first person to receive this honor.


I will apply for it :slight_smile:

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Nice first post, gotta love the ambition :wink: Go for it and get noticed, no applications necessary though.


Would expect to have order Ambassadors guys like:


Excellent, @Dimitar is indeed a very worthy first recipient of this honour.


@Secretariat415, @Southside thank you for the trust! I will do my best to justify it :slight_smile:


I would like to become an ambassador of s. Korea.
I already running small chat group here. thanks in advance!


You have now posted twice. Once is really enough, just edit your orignal post. Also it would be good that others can nominate rather than the person themselves.

Also you joined 2 days ago. And we have no way of verifying what you say, please understand.


oh… this is my second ID . my previous ID is BruceLee which is little bit childish. So I tried to change my ID but failed. So I created new one :slight_smile:


True! …20 20 20 20 20


this is a great idea! Its like zero cost to you but I think it could be a strong motivator to get people to do that little bit more volunteer work to earn the honour. I mean I already see people saying me me me… ok you can win this but you have to go out and do something to grow the community or create value for the current community :slight_smile:


Well we do actually, if we can get another Korean speaker to verify the chat group.
Do we have Korean translations (Hangul?) of at least some of the documentation? Lets do what we can to help @anon46300820 grow his chat group, perhaps encourage him to work towards a MeetUp…

@anon46300820 are you in Seoul or other big city, perhaps near a University?


The point was that we don’t at the time of posting and it was to let the poster know that we need additional information from others to do this. But just joining then asking for the title is cheeky and unverifiable till as you say we get the additional information. (And multiple accounts was a red flag)

@anon46300820 can you do as @Southside suggests and provide some more information and supporting evidence. Thanks


I think anyone who wants to be an ambassador should have to do “proof of work” posts the way Dimitar does. That way the Maidsafe moderators don’t have to waste a lot of time verifying everything.


And I’d like to think the community does the verifying work and suggest the person.


Yes I wasnt suggesting @Neo should learn Korean :slight_smile:

more hoping @anon46300820 would post screenshots showing progress with his chat group when he feels its appropriate.


I do the PoW thing just for fun, but I think you’re right. Without a way to check, we risk having people who will use the title for evil :frowning:


Can I suggest @Sotros25 for the SAFE Ambassador title? She is a real SAFE jewel for the community :slight_smile:


I’ll second that. @happybeing should also be at the front of the line. He’s not limited to one continent though so I promote him for SAFE Ambassador of the Web. Talk about yeoman’s work.