SAFE Ambassador - Dimitar

Hello friends! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to discuss my efforts as an SAFE ambassador in this topic.

Or just ask me about anything. (The answer is 42) :smiley:

About me:

I am currently 35 years old. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, EU.

I worked for 14 years in the telecommunication sector. I had a small telecom for a while. But I had to deal mainly with the heavy regulation of the state most of the time and I did not manage to develop it. I sold it last year (at a loss unfortunately).

From 6 years I also have a small advertising agency (3 employees). Luckily successful.

I believe that in order to be healthy one must be constantly active. Likewise, it’s important to help the needy every day.

For this reason, I worked an extra night job for several years as a ticker at the Sofia Philharmonic and donated to SOS children’s villages. And for the rest of the time I was helping the young hostesses… :wink:

For 9 years I have been and a volunteer to Sofia Municipality. I have been able to help in forest fires and an earthquake.

Since 2014, I have the honor of being a part of this community and I am very happy to be able to participate in the promotion of the network! :slight_smile:

Detailed information on my efforts can be found in these topics:

Date Description
07.2014 - present - my first attempt to present the network in Bulgarian
02.2015 - present - guide how to buy MaidSafeCoin
02.2015 - present - the main Bulgarian information site for the network
03.03.2018 SAFE Network Prime - translation in Bulgarian
05.2018 - 09.2018 Boots on the Ground
09.2018 - present Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign
12.2018 - present Resources for Facebook
12.2018 SAFE Network Calendar for 2019
03.2019 POLL: The Gathering Storm - Alpha 3 posters
05.2019 - present - proof of work video clips for fun showing distribution of promotional material for the network
05.2019 SAFE business cards
05.2019 - present Dust of Dreams - Invite letters for Alpha 2
06.2019 MeetUp Sofia, June 2 at 11 AM – 7 PM
06.2019 MeetUp Sofia, June 9 at 11 AM – 7 PM
06.2019 SAFE HELP Desk proposal

You can contact me here in the forum, by email or by phone +35924111111


We are a very lucky community to have such an Ambassador. Not much needed to be said, except than you very much for all of this and all you do.


Thank you David, I just want to say that people like you are the example I follow!


I upgraded my first post with some links and I want to use the opportunity to respond to some concerns about the sticking of the posters.

First I will start by saying that:

  • poster advertising is 100% legitimate and does not violate any prohibitions.
  • there are places where posting is forbidden, and I never stick to them.
  • in many places on the apartment buildings there are bulletin boards and I stick on them
  • there are places where people have written that they do not want ad sticking. I never stick to such places
  • I use tape for sticking. Where there is no message board I use the windows of the residential entrances. That way posters are easy to remove and leave no lasting traces.
  • but sometimes there are residents, and when I ask them if I can stick, some of them tell me to use the wall at the entrance (others want the window)

Everything is extremely polite and so far I have not even had one complaint (over 1 year already).