'S' as a possible ticker for SAFE and the consequent memes

Kicking this off to keep all the incoming memes out of the rather more serious discussion about a workable ticker and any possible interactions with the existing Safe project

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S has a lot of possibilities.



You are just cruising for a copyright bruising there, pal

Aaaand you have woken up our meme-producers. We wont be able to move in this forum for weeks cos of jokes about kryptonite…

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Ouch !!! Ooooyabassa!

Errr if we can’t get ‘S’ how about $KRYPT ?

Cos we are green kryptonite to the clearnet…

Please not I have not read a Superman comic in 50+ years and my memory is sketchy. I come from a family of Wee Frees - the tartan Taliban - and Yank comics were (ineffectually) banned as being of dubious morality. Nothing wrong with the racist shite of DC Thomson and the Victor stc… though, they were Scottish and couldn’t possibly be wrong… <<< Insert quote here about some English poet and parents who F you up>>>