Ryan X. Charles contribution to SAFE?

Do you remember Ryan X. Charles? He was hired to decentralize Reddit and then quickly dragged into the cryptoequity project which Reddit eventually shut down. I could imagine he´d be a real asset to the development of a platform on top of SAFE. Maybe reaching out to him could be fruitful. Anyway, you should read this article:

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I had visited Ryan. They are building a peer to peer protocol for letting people host the reddit. They will charge people accessing the content. I presented SAFE as something that he can use to make revenue and not need to charge people because of app deve rewards, but he can charge if he wanted to. And also he would not need to pay to host or to build a whole peer to peer network to deliver the content. As well, he replied with expressing much of not knowing any of these things existed in SAFE Network, and he mentioned that he would consider all of the projects storj, ipfs, and that he thought Safe Network is a blockchain based file storage system.

There is a whole team of bureaucracy to overcome at the new decentralized reddit so it became an uproad conversation where, I see things one way, and the decentralized reddit team are ready to rebuild everything for their new reddit.

on Saturday