RustRush 2018, a trip report



Hi safers, I’m just back from Moscow where I attended the first RustRush meetup and gave a talk about PARSEC (slides here)

I really enjoyed the experience and wrote a short piece on Medium explaining why.

I thought this may be of interest to some here, so sharing :smiley:


Thanks Pierre, that was a pleasure to read. Glad you got so much from it, and great to hear Rust gets everywhere (like on my boat :wink:).


Sounds great. Where else do you get to discuss floor numbering conventions in various countries over a thyme cocktail?

Did you get your luggage back?


My luggage is still at an unknown location, probably in Russia. Fingers crossed it makes it back to London some day :yum: Given the level of care given by the employees, I wouldn’t hold my breath…