Russia building a nuclear plant for a datacenter

Is russia gonna start mining bitcoins lol

Is this really any different to other large datacentres built in the US, UK or elsewhere.

Sounds like the power company is building the datacentre next to one of their power stations. It draws 80MW which could be powered by a few backup generators (30MW each) running off LPG or oil. It makes sense to use the nearby power station that generates 4000MW.

Just another large data centre. Russia is joining the world in commercial internet/computing. The article mentions the requirement for the new data residency laws in Russia

[quote]Rosenergoatom has previously approached Facebook and Google to offer
space on the upcoming campus, in order to help the American companies
comply with new data residency laws that require all foreign firms to store Russian citizens’ data on Russian soil.[/quote]

SI madness… Remember Vanyver Bush’s stuff about a computer the size of an Empire Statebuilding that would need Niagra Falls as cooling source?

But this is a regular size large datacentre, and only (that is ONLY) 80MW power usage. The nuclear power angle is to get readers and it fitted in with both built by same company. You might be surprised by how many larger datacentres in the USA that source their power from nuclear power.

Yes, the concept that the nuke people think of compute power too as something like pure utility is interesting. What is it (?) massaged electricity? It is very interesting. And when you get down to it a server center like a reactor is really just a large logistics problem. Nuke industry has been used to load balancing and critical thresholds and a lot or responsibility for a long time. It does seem like a good fit, especially with IOT and other such things that continuing centralization and server centers might complement. Does this mean they are about to get serious about data over power lines? Aside from decentralizing data paring it to nuclear does seem like a way to harden it.