Running vault in maid virtual hdd - Storage loops

What effect would creating a storage loop have on the network?

Using maid-api I create a virtual hdd on my pc that my machine thinks is a real hdd. I then install and run a vault on this hdd.

This probably isn’t going to work out well for anyone, but could it destabilize things?

Do you mean the virtual hdd to be in RAM or in the SAFE network.

If RAM then no issues.

If on the SAFE network then if the APIs are correct this should work. But speed would be extremely slow compared to a real disk. And the COST, you have to pay for every PUT (chunk) written to your virtual disk


in Safe network.
Agreed it would be unprofitable from my perspective, but would it have any negative affect on the network?

Very slow vault, and probably the nodes managing your vault on the virtual drive would deem it as malfunctioning because of the very slow speed, And then not send any requests to it or any more chunks to be stored.

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