Running launcher behind a proxy

I’m trying to open it in a work place , can I set a proxy before connecting ? What is the step by step to join the safe network ?

Hi @macdasi are you using the latest version?
The step by step is here.


Yes , so first step is installing the launcher , run it , create an account (here where I get the message).
I think there is some blocking with the office firewall or something , we do have a proxy, where can I set it ?

@macdasi if you are comfortable creating a GitHub issue can you please create one here and attach the Client.log it should be created in the same place that you are running the binary from - thank you.

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Hey @macdasi,

If you’re wondering how to actually set up the proxy for Launcher then there are guides here for all the major OSes.

Sorry if you’ve followed these already! :slight_smile:


I did it, still doesn’t working .

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How can i use Safe Netwokr, if i’m using internet connection by the proxy from the