Running a Vault on TEST8

Hello everyone,

I am new to Safenet and have just started experimenting with demo and the launcher in ALPHA 1. Since testnet 8 is running now, I also wanted to start playing with the vault.

The testnet8 with launcher 0.8.1 seems to run very well (though obviously much slower than the alpha testnet). However, I am not sure how the vault works, what to expect and where to find a tutorial.
For instance, can one set how much storage space/bandwidth/etc one want to contribute?

In any case, this looks amazing and I can’t wait to use the Raspberry Pi and the HDDs that I have lying around to contribute a node to the net.

Cheers, and keep up the good work,


Welcome to the forum :thumbsup:.

The Vaults just run. Not that much you can do with them right now. Not that much settings. So the Vaults route the data from 1 user to the next and deliver chunks out of your drive when needed. They also reach consensus on forming groups in XOR and checking cryptographic signatures. They have several “persona’s” all at once, but it just runs in the background. In the future you might see settings for the amount of storage you want to provide and more. But today they just simply run.


I launched mys vault yesterday on Raspberry Pi. Has been running for 24h now.
Not much in the chunk store for now.

pi@raspberrypi:~/safe_vault $ ls -l | grep store
drwxr-xr-x 2 pi pi 69632 Aug 27 15:13 safe_vault_chunk_store

I expect this will increase as usage for the network grows.


Hi Vince, what OS do you use to run the vault on your Raspberry Pi? I just bought one and installed the Raspbian, i guess this will work fine?

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Hi Ade. Yes. You need to use the am7 binaries.

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Thanks for the warm welcome and the quick answers.

@polpolrene thanks for making that clear.

@vince I don’t have a safe_vault_chunk_store file in my application directory:

beralt ~/builds/safe_vault-v0.11.0-linux-x64 $ ls -lisa | grep store
beralt ~/builds/safe_vault-v0.11.0-linux-x64 $ 

Maybe I just need to let my vault run longer, but atm I have it only on my laptop which I don’t want to keep switched on all the time.

safe_vault_chunk_store is in /tmp

In general:

$ find / -cmin +1 -cmin -2

…will find any files modified in the interval (1,2) minutes ago.

Thank you, found the folder!

I didn’t know that… my low-level linux skills are improvable…

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Beralt, you can also set the safe_vault_chunk_store location to something else if you edit safe_vault.vault.config.

Cannot start vault due to error : FileHandler(JsonParserError(SyntaxError(“invalid syntax”, 4, 24)))

is what I get on raspbian am7… any idea?

How does your safe_vault.vault.config file look like?

You could use a site such as this one to check what the error is. Make sure you have double quotes around the chunk_store_root path. For example:

  "wallet_address": null,
  "max_capacity": 2147483648,
  "chunk_store_root": "/Users/frabrunelle/Desktop"

Rock solid… vault test8 now been running without a problem for:

2 weeks, 4 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes

very impressed…