Running a node/vault


I’ve been following the development of the safe network from afar for quite a long time now. I am happy to see that things seem to go well.

I have one question though, about running a node/vault?
How will this work?
We can only hope that people will all want to run a node/vault, so that the safe network will work flawlessly, and securely.
So will this be as easy as downloading a client, in which you would just have to choose how much bandwidth and hard drive space you’d like to allocate to the safe network?
Just like a p2p/torrent client for instance?

I have another question, which has nothing to do, but I was also wondering, from what does the developpers of the safe network live off? How do they get paid? Do they get donations?


Basically yes, to run a vault you will need to download a client, as you said , you will need to set hard drive allocation, afaik there is no setting for bandwidth, but hopefully that will be coded in time.
And the developers will get paid by developing apps that will receive payments dependent on how much those apps are used.
Iirc that will be based on a percentage of farming rewards, I believe it’s set at 10 or 15%.


Yes this is correct :+1:


Not 10% exactly… :wink:

The pool from which Core Developers are rewarded for their contributions qualifies for farming attempts at 5% of the FR.


Actually I was thinking of the developpers of the safe network itself, not the developpers of the apps that will run on the safe network. How are they paid as of right now? Do they accept private donation too?


See here friend:


They are currently paid via previous fundraisers.
I’m fairly sure donations would be welcome.


Well its
5% for core developers
10% for app builders ( which they will be)

Good link.


Yes that is 5% of the farming reward value

And 10% of the farming reward for app devs

And farmers get 100% of the farming reward and is the reason the gerneral public will want to run nodes

So for a particular GET from a vault the total amount paid will depend on what the GET is for. If

  • data then 105% of FR (100% of FR to farmer, 5% of FR to core devs)
  • APP then 115% of FR (100% of FR to farmer, 5% of FR to core devs, 10% of FR to APP dev if dev has enabled that)

And if we go with Pay The Provider then 10% of FR paid to content provided goes to the provider


Is there any page that summarize all information about running a node for general public?
Also, I think that it could be interesting to have minimum requirements, and recommanded requirements.
I guess that you can’t just run a node if you only share 1MB of hard drive, and on the other hand it would be interesting for people to know what kind of computer would be best suitable to run a node (kind of processor that would be right, paired with X hard drives, etc…)


The idea is for any home PC to be able to participate.
I’m sure the ideas you have will indeed appear over time, but with farming code not completed as yet it will take a little more time.

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Farming Rate is one way to look at it. It may also be intuitive to look at it from the perspective of Total Reward (TR).

100% FR to Farmer + 5% FR to CoreDev = 95.2% TR to Farmers + 4.76% TR to CoreDev.
100% FR to Farmer + 10% FR to AppDev + 5% FR to CoreDev = 86.97% TR to Farmers + 8.69% TR to AppDev + 4.34% TR to CoreDev.

NO because not all rewards apply to each GET, so looking at it this way makes it confusing to most people

Best to keep them independent

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