Rule by money is slavery


Rule by money will always be slavery. Systems that allow sponsorship (censorship by money) in any form either are systems of slavery or quickly become systems of slavery. And slavery is murder. Attempting to make murder acceptable is the reason for dirty hand actions and state secrecy.


And rule by virtual money will be … virtual slavery?

Freedom of speech is not slavery. Remember, you have the right to not listen. For example you can contribute to a project that is building a content serving network (and more) where you will be able to very easily choose what to consume (listen, watch, etc.).

Chill out man, have a drink or something…


The borrower is slave to the lender.

But the fact that somebody has and uses money does not make them a slavemaster.

Telling people how they can or they cannot use their wealth is oppression. Then the man is slave to the state.


@janitor Censorship is not freedom of speech. Virtualizing money should be vocherizing it or limiting it so that its not practical to use it for enslavement, thereby saving its potential for useful efforts.


People who use wealth to enslave others need to be separated from that wealth. Overlooking the abuse of power brings more abuse.


@Warren the way I see it is that MaidSafe will allow open access to the information and create truly free markets for goods.

Goods like future 3d printers, the best priced solar panels, designs for tools, etc and all other things that will let people be self sufficient in every way…

…so that WE EVENTUALLY WON’T NEED MONEY BECAUSE WE CAN MAKE EVERYTHING OURSELVES so the DEPENDENCY economy (slavery, subjugation, etc) will die out finally!!

We are only free once we are self sufficient, and MaidSafe will help take everyone there


Most people enslave themselves.


@Warren state control of a currency guarantees that the currency will eventually become worthless, so state control has never worked and never will.

Virtualizing currency can’t work without a monopoly (commonly the monopoly on force). Even if you could somehow voucherize SAFE, people would just fork another exact same version of MaidSafe with a freer version of SAFE.

Saving a currency potential for “useful” efforts limits its er, usefulness. Some people have a different opinion on usefulness of gambling or cocaine.

I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere with your ideas. Like I said above, they’d never work work but if you by some miracle managed to gain control over MaidSafe everyone would leave. Your “recipe” can work in North Korea and similar places where the state has total control over people’s lives.


Your naivety is charming . .

Why do you feel the need to SHOUT all the time?

More naivety . .


Not sure how else to strengthen certain points.

Is there a way to make things bold instead?

Lol I hope I haven’t made an enemy with you… I see you’ve replied to 3 of my posts in a row just now.

I really don’t mean to sound annoying or anything. I’m just enthusiastic :slight_smile: I’ll dial it down


But I really do believe this, and it’s been working for me so far.

I have my own solar battery system, and it’s been providing for all my energy needs for the last year, so I haven’t had to buy energy from any company since I invested in it.

I’m working to make myself as self sufficient as possible, and every step I take in that direction is a step out of the current economy, and a step out of the servitude / jobs that Warren is talking about with this post. Ultimately I plan to build my own organic farm, where I can be 100% self-sustaining.

So overall it’s been working for me, and I don’t feel like I’m being that naiive, but I’m still a kid with very little life experience compared to you so I do listen carefully to your position.


It isn’t as easy as you might think:


That was great :slight_smile: love it!

and i totally agree, so let me speak further on my point.

the world is changing into an information economy, where information is the most valuable good. we are past the days where material objects need to be created by human hands or even large machines.

Once 3D printers become extremely efficient, like in 15-20 years from now, we will be able to create almost everything we need, (clothes, computers, homes–already happening, robots, more 3D printers, etc) from very simple input materials. The last part we need for whole towns to self-sustain is growing their own food. Tech is coming for that too :smile: No more buying from Walmart. or anywhere.

After that, the only thing we need help from the outside from is information, which–if SAFE is to happen as planned–will be mostly free. So no more stories of dependencies like in the pencil story. Imagine downloading the pencil blueprints from SAFE and printing one out right now, to really drive the point home.

All you need is: basic input materials from nature + information blueprints from SAFE + 3D printer = anything

So then what would anyone need a paycheck for?

It’s happening! I love watching ted talks and reddit posts and youtube videos about it.

Kind of obsessed with the future these days :slight_smile: things are looking good!


But the whole point of that was that you cannot build a pencil Unless you plan to go to Oregon, Madagascar, China, and learn to mine, timber, mill, refine carbon, melt rubber, you aren’t going to build a pencil yourself. Even the most trivial items are actually insanely complex. Markets exist for a reason. You can buy a pencil for a few cents, or you can make one yourself with a few weeks or years worth of effort. Most things are done the way they are done because markets and the laws of nature have lead us to the happy medium…

I would argue that the store is a liberator far more than it is an oppressor. Because yes you could do it yourself, but you will be a slave to your Black Soldier Flies, your aquaponics PH balance, and the weather… Its is much cheaper to be a lesser slave to the grocer… The economic sacrifice is less.

I do all of that stuff myself – but only for fun. The stuff at the store is almost always cheaper and better than mine…


Well the future goal is to get all that totally automated by robots that are ever-shrinking in size & cost,

So the price will continue to drop to negligible trace amounts of a dollar (or SafeCoin! Good thing they can be divided into such tiny amounts:)


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This is heading more in the right direction (in my not so humble opinion) - the pencil complexity video, while interesting as a thought provoker, ends up just being schmalzy, yankee, libertarian propaganda . . no mention at all of all the loss of species and species diversity that this wondrous “pencil” production by the invisible hand is causing . .