Rule by lottery and gamblers is over

Random or sweep indexes have long beat managers. On the short time scale machines beat humans for practical reasons. The same programs read news propaganda and respond with penned news propaganda. Capital has been dead for almost 50 years but there will be no faking it soon. The rule of the coder will also be short lived as self coding is coming. It won’t be possible to peddle the myth of capitalist efficiency or capitalist value added anymore. No more market rigging by the gamblers, AI will plan the economy but it won’t be possible to say its top down or centralized. In the light of AI (presuming a compatible varient) money and markets become largely obsolete because optimal choice and the solution to complex problems becomes more obvious. The capitalist hangers on may try to cling to ownership claims on the machinery, but thos claimes will be just as stupid as the former claimes of “we’re related to the king.” One thing is certain regardless of the control problem outcomes, and that is that true AI (AGI or ASI) will never be property.