Rule by heriditary wealth or decentralized empowerment?

We face a choice between rule by hereditary wealth and rule by decentralized empower. Rule by hereditary wealth is the worst system ever devised and unstable such that in combination with more advanced tech will likely lead to human extinction. Hereditary wealth is unending terror and terrorism. Transparency is the key to ridding the world of both overt and hidden forms of rule by hereditary wealth.

We see this in the case of the entitled gatekeeper. When copyright is extended out to 75 years it is as if a self appointed hereditary ruler is saying that it has a right to profit and a right to prey on a population. In this case its a global population. Since it thinks in terms of an info economy its making a pretty strident claim. Making this kind of inequitable law unenforceable and void will be a great first step. These entitled gate keepers will probably try to argue that those in content creation will face comparatively an ever greater back catalog against which fresh content cannot compete especially for unacquainted cohorts. These are circular claims. That industry will accept what the public feels is acceptable or get flushed- it was never up to these supply side entities to bind the public, quite the opposite- they owe a huge debt and accrued interest.