Ruby-safenet - Create Safe Apps in Ruby

For all ruby developers, I just released a pre-alpha version of my Safe’s ruby library.

If you like this idea and wants to encourage future development of it, please star the project on GitHub. That’s very important and it’s the equivalent of a pat on the back :smiley:


gem install ruby-safenet

Usage example:
call “irb” (or “pry”) and type the following commands:

require "safenet"

  name:      "Demo App",
  version:   "0.0.1",
  vendor:    "maidsafe",
  id:        "org.maidsafe.demo",

SafeNet.update_file_content("/mydir/index.html", "Hello world!<br>I'm a webpage :D")
SafeNet.register_service("mywonderfulapp", "www", "/mydir")

PS: It still lacks a proper documentation and a test suite, it also must be refactored in order to reduce code, but it’s fully functional.

PS II: there are more commands then the above ones - actually all currently exposed API commands are here in this library.

EDIT: a more comprehensive list of SAFE client libraries can be found here:


Awesome, starred. Look like we have Go, Ruby, and to some extent JS, Python, and Rust clients. Once a few more features get added to the launcher api we’ll be ready for some quality apps (I have several in mind pending some features).


TL;DR Are you using anything other than the http server to connect with Launcher?

Thank you @loureirorg another day another leap :sunny:

Amazing stuff! Starred :slight_smile:


Any git freak want to create an Awesome style list that can include these SAFE API wrappers?


Are you using anything other than the http server to connect with Launcher?

Just http calls.

I’ve worked with FFI in Ruby before, and I can create a FFI-based version if there’s a demand. But I really like the idea of the Launcher centralizing all the apps permissions. It gives a total control to the end user. On a ffi-based app, an user would have to insert their credentials directly on the app, which can lead to a security concern. But of course, there will be some situations where a ffi-based solution would be most suitable than a http-based one.

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THANKS!! I love Ruby; it’s slow as a drunken dog, but it’s still my #1 choice for putting together something small real quick :smiley_cat:


I created this topic (it isn’t in git, but it’s something):

BTW, so far IPFS project has 13 client libraries:

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