RSS3 white paper -- RSS for web3+

I don’t know if this system could be implemented in SN or not, but as one who uses RSS a lot, I am curious what people think.

Something tells me @danda might be the goto guy for that

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Interesting find. I’ll need to read it over more carefully, but at first glance it seems very ambitious, almost too ambitious for something called RSS3.

It almost seems as if they are trying to create their own SafeNetwork, or IPFS, or Freenet, just for hosting RSS files.

I didn’t see any actual changes to the RSS format(s). This seems to be entirely about decentralized hosting. Which I always applaud of course, but I wonder if they shouldn’t have just joined forces with an existing project instead.

When SafeNetwork comes to fruition, it should already be a near ideal platform for hosting RSS files. They can be hosted essentially forever, free from censorship, and versioned.

When it comes to popular content such as podcasts (think Joe Rogan) or even more popular like some of the top YouTube stars, or Superbowl broadcast, the current SN design would not be able to handle the demand for millions of GETs. For this reason, there has recently been discussion of adding a caching mechanism, perhaps layering something bittorrent-esque above SN, and possibly coupled with a reward/incentive mechanism.

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