Routing and Vault fails to show progress

I am worried about nothing happening when it comes to vaults at home. The entire concept of safe network is dependent upon that working and not ever failing. Hackers, ddoser and governments will all try to disrupt. And this is the key to everything. And yet, the Routing, Vault & Crust section of every Dev Update shows no progress at all in this department.

Why keep steaming ahead with everything else when the core concept of the entire safe network has ground to a halt? Does anyone here have anything educated to say that can prove that my worries are unfounded? It seems to me, they did try vaults at home, it failed. And since that short test, we are now further away than ever before fo have something that works and can start testing. All the other stuff that are progressing will be pointless if this will not be solved. And we get very little info. What one can gather is that no progress is being made and nothing that is being tried works.

It is a huge project. Huge. This is to be expected, that focus is placed in a round-robin-way on various parts, to get them all to progress together. From the outside, if you are not fully aware just how big the project is, you could maybe get the impression that while work is progressing on one side, nothing is happening on the other parts. And well, while it is probably not “nothing” happening, it has to be like that, faster at some times, slower at other. They can’t focus on everything at the same time.

Not true. I think every day we will inevitably be closer than ever. As more is done, we get closer.

Well, it still has to be done, and probably exactly in the order it is being done. As it is being completed, the team will feel that enough parts have been brought to the level it needs to be, to continue to further progress on the things you mention.

I think they have informed pretty much in the Dev updates, about what is going on. Decisions about what parts needs to be brought up to pace are made all the time, and then it is carried out.

Keep reading, keep digging into posts and resources, it will dawn upon you, bit by bit, just how big of a project it is, and you will feel humbled and calmer about progress. Actually, you will be impressed by the progress that is being done.


my worries are unfounded?

Yes… uninformed defaulting to negatives.

they did try vaults at home, it failed.

Saying shit doesn’t make it true…

The previous tests have been very successful but the network was in a weak state that left it liable to disruption; so, a new and I think better approach to building it in a robust way was adopted, that is less likely to see its progress disrupted.

Read the history of the dev updates and you’ll perhaps begin to wonder at the progress being made - or better look to github for the routing and vaults, if you are interested in those especially.

See also no surprise relative to the roadmap


This is from the Weekly Development Update released every Thursday:

Also see the image below that’s of the bottom of this page

So it’s not forgotten.


Your statements are false and your worries unfounded. If you want to inform yourself of the development of the network in all areas, you can follow the weekly updates, or read back through them.


Alpha 2 = us now!
Alpha 3 = vaults-from-home as routing nodes.
Alpha 4 = vaults-from-home hosting and storing all kinds of data.
Then we get to the really exciting bit with vaults-from-home with incentives/economics (farming TestSafeCoin).

S’all pretty clear and tantalisingly close isn’t it? We’ve seen vaults working, they do work.

On a brighter note I have discovered a way to get decent broadband speeds from a wireless option instead of having to get fibre. At least when we get to Alpha 3 and beyond I’ll be able to contribute and get involved finally. Design for the future! It didn’t take long as I thought for me to catch up :wink:


This is where the confusion is. Most Engineers working in vaults, crust and routing have little, if anything at all to do with the client side API etc. They are different teams and different skillets. In the last 20 odd weeks I have been in hangouts with the routing team for up to 8 hours at a time (exhausting to say the least as we all have our work to actually do beyond this) , plus through the night tests etc. We have many new repositories for simulations and testing of data chains and beyond.

So it’s all about perception and from a distance and only seeing headlines we are releasing client side stuff as per our roadmap, but there is a huge amount of low level library work happening in routing vault crust and more. In fact probably most Engineering time is there. It’s a bit like Elon Musk came out with big cars first when his goal was the model 3 and folk complaining he had his eye off the ball. It’s just the roadmap and the route we have chosen that means we release different things at different times. So continually people could say you released X so it means you are not working on Y, when in fact it’s obvious that would be an error.