Role transition

As of today I am moving from my current job in QA into customer support; the idea behind this new role is to ensure that we maintain good quality communication between MaidSafe and the SAFE community and that we continue to develop this relationship as the network and community grows. What does this mean practically? In some areas it will be business as usual; I shall continue to collate and report progress from the development team via Dev Updates. However, the plan is to move beyond just forum posts and move toward regular Hangouts with the team, blog posts based on specific areas of community interest from the relevant engineer(s) and eventually real world events - you can come to us or we will come to you!

Another important focus of the new role will be documentation, ensuring we provide high-quality developer / SAFE customer focussed documentation. This is an area we acknowledge we need to get better at, by improving the quality and quantity of documentation, all the while listening to and delivering what the community needs and ensuring it is kept up-to-date.

When new features / application releases are ready, part of this role will be to manage the communication of these releases and collate and report back to the MaidSafe team on technical community feedback. I shall also take the lead on the roll out of the new developer website / forum and this will be an important tool in ensuring we manage these releases well.

Working to increase MaidSafe team members community / forum engagement is also part of the job remit, especially the Devs, so when they do get some breathing time, they can share their expertise with the wider community. This works the other way as well and I shall be spending a lot more time in the community gathering opinions, spotting trends, listening to feature requests and desired SAFE applications, then taking all of this information and sharing it with the busy MaidSafe team.

I will have to liaise and learn from @ioptio a lot more, which is only a good thing :slight_smile: The role will inevitably evolve and change as the platform rolls out and gathers momentum, but I am pretty excited by this opportunity and hope I can count on your input and support, as we all play our part delivering the SAFE Network to the world.


Sounds good Ross, a group hangout mass install maybe…


This face to face time will be amazing for everyone involved, and will make the efforts feel so much more inspiring and satisfying for the core team to get that face time with the people they are building the network with / for.

Nothing like seeing the outside world helping and encouraging you along face to face to give you an one of the most exciting reasons to wake up in the morning.

Count me in on every one (that I’m invited to :slight_smile: ) even though I’ll just be listening and learning.

P.S. will I be allowed to look at the dev site / forum too? I only know web languages but I’m trying to expand. I won’t say anything on it I just would like to read


Look forward to hearing more about what’s going on.

Good luck in the role Ross


This sounds fabulous @Ross I’m very excited and think you’ll have a lot of fun making bridges. Good luck!


Woo! Looking forward to collaborating on some things with ya. :smile:


I thought the government can only make bridges! /s

The new site, @Ross new role, the new documentation, is all so helpful to the community and just further blurs the lines between the two by opening a new line of communication and by informing both sides in a straight forward manner. I’m nothing but pleased with the outstanding progress with the team. I hope these words of encouragement lend to a speedy release of a testnet! Jk, no but seriously where is my cookie… :wink:


It sounds to me like this is yet another wise decision on the part of the maidsafe team. Go for the gold, we’re all rooting for you!