Robots allowed to trade money and claim copyright on their work under radical new EU plans

Robots allowed to trade money and claim copyright on their work under radical new EU plans

This sounds eerily similiar to a blog post I read a while back…lol!


And of course the governments cant be left out of the advance either…ugh…


How do you tax a decentralized autonomous organization on an anonymous encrypted network? Human or A.I. taxation seems an equally moot point on SAFE.


The elite want robots because once they have them they won’t need us peons and they can begin the final extermination.

EDIT: Fade in of Daleks chanting: “exterminate! exterminate!” I know, Daleks aren’t robots, they are cyborgs with a mutant HRH Prince Philip, Rothschild, George Soros or Al Gore inside. The plunger arm is the mass media, the ray gun is law enforcement and military, and the swivelling eye is the spy agencies.


People like status, if everyone is an elite then who will be the peons? They’ll keep us around for at least their amusement :smile:

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Robots/AI will superceed the elite and have no need for them or us.


I honestly think this is all just a round a bout way of replacing the taxes they’ll stop getting from the manual workers. That said, I actually hope this goes through, cause then you could literally DDOS the court system!


There is an agenda whatever the hell you want to call the elites because humans they aint. No humanity in them at all.

They created the welfare class and now they are going to make them entirely reliant on government hand outs that’s why they’re taxing robot labor. They have to tax robot labor so they can feed and grow the welfare state. They are literally creating a prison planet where they feed off the energy of the caged underclass. Onc the underclass is entirely dependent they will have full control.

but the writing is on the wall brothers and sisters the writing is on the wall for these decievers who have bound - who have put out the eyes and minds of my brothers and sisters.

They think they have this in the bag that we will just rollover and submit.

But the writing is on the wall as it is written: “Mene Mene Tekel UPHARSIN”

Judgement was written twice on the wall but translated only once.

Those of us who understand it is our responsibility to manifest righteousness in this shared reality. Know that judgement is calling and the righteous will live forever and the cowards will be revisited by their own inactions.

I’ve be through 7 layers of hell in my own personal life and I’ve seen this kind of hell manifest itself before and all I have to say is if they WANT TO FIGHT YOU’VE GOT ONE.

Lets see what happens when the unstoppable force meets the unmovable object.

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The more I read about the EU the more I scratch my head. I sure hope you UK’ers vote for your Independence from the borg known as the EU.


The future is glorious


Replace HRC with AI or SI. SI is really an intent amplifier. They want to put in kill switch in SI, their intent to control will amplify into their being controlled.

What do you want to bet that when they start using robots with centralized server artitecture and compromised security with backdoors that their systems will get hacked hardcore? I mean by that point hackers will have been practicing on SAFE which is 100x or more, more difficult to crack. So internet 1.0 should be a breeze. Their insistence on “being in control” will be their achilies heel because it’s preciesly what makes their system vunerable to attack.


lol! can you imagine assembly lines being hacked for the lulz…too awesome!

The 2018 Aston Martin…brought to you by Anonymous…


British bots begin to queue in Dover with the hope for a better life in Eu

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