Roadmap to Release?

I think we would prefer a different tone to our communications :wink: It’s a wee bit amateur to dis a project and then approach them to do comms (never mind unprofessional)? I figure we are a bit smarter and more honourable than that. We speak honestly and direct and I will never stand for any change to that.

I will accept we need a new dev website (being worked on for last few weeks) and new roadmap, being worked on for last few weeks. Anyone who can do that in 20 mins is also another offer we won’t be taking up.

Instead ask yourself what positive thing are you doing of have done for the community and if all you come up with is some form of motivation via criticism, that again it’s not some thing I would will accept as helpful.

Then offer your professional services again, i bet you I can guess the answer :wink:


WOW - the new dashboard linked by @Melvin looks amazing!!!

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Yeah I was wondering that too

This is birth. SAFE at this point would be a success just for the concept. I’ve recall one of the crew expressing that the coding for the project is not necessarily the most demanding, but obviously man power is limited and the quality standard must be very high. The beta has to deliver at least some of the promise to start a fire. The full software and hardware eco system won’t be there at launch so there will be obvious and necessary disclaimers. But with luck it will be good enough to get those who really love the build out process to get to work and the world will be put on notice.

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@prophetx @Wulfcastle Great to see that you still follow the project, that means you both feel some love for it :wink:

Dev Update 1st June
Dev Update 25th May
Dev Update June 18th May
Dev Update 12th May
Dev Update 4th May

Enjoy the reading!


like i said incapable of taking criticism…

don’t worry about me, i’m busy on other projects. i just like to check on my crypto portfolio once in a while.

you all need an entire communications and market engagement strategy… a new dev website is one little cog in that big picture that’s either missing or misfiring.

i think it is a good idea, the engineering appears to be going well, i think the mgmt could be better, but in the long run all kinks get ironed out anyway. there is a long term trend in business starting after ww2 toward p2p economy so that will carry projects like maidsafe, bitcoin, ethereum, tor, and others like a tide that lifts all boats.

@prophetx @Wulfcastle

And hey … don’t forget the MAIN updates page:

bookmark it, you’ll see things happening constantly!


Be aware this is not published yet, so placeholder. Bundle two is 2 bundles, so bundle 2 and bundle 3. These will each represent a sprint (so usual 1 week plan 2-3 weeks code). this is the current pace though, it’s pretty impressive so a huge thanks to the Engineers here. They are doing a great job.


Brilliant job guys. The engineers are doing the community proud. Keep up the great work