Roadmap to Release?

Hi everyone

Is there a roadmap to the release stages of the SAFE network? As far as I understand it is is like this :

  • Testnet 1 (currently in action)
  • Testnet 2 (August-September)
  • BETA launch (September)
  • Testnet 3 (September to November)
  • Launch (Devember 2014)

Is that roughly accurate?

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And I’m sure I’m not the only one

Here’s the roadmap:

Thanks Melvin, but are there any specific time-frames for the Roadmap?

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All I know is that the devs expect every testnet to take about 4-6 weeks.

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Look forward to seeing an update of the roadmap (last updated on 17 August)

Also, any indication, however provisional, of month for beta launch.

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Working on that:

We try hard to keep everyone informed and will get better, but fortune telling is still beyond us :slight_smile: No seriously I don’t expect slippage beyond the recent integration as we have a solid system now. This is the choice in IT release every X months and what features are done are released, or release when ready. Companies that give accurate timescales nearly always fail (even Apple maps etc.). So we gave an estimate of Q4 this year, I hope we will achieve that, but if not it should be right after that. We should be well on top of things and totally visible.

The devs are under immense pressure and mostly self pressure to make things happen, we thought we would have hundreds of devs helping, but its still really only the small team in MaidSafe on the core. Thats a shame and will change (it is already), but not fast enough, so the pressure is really on us and it’s my job to balance progress with panic :slight_smile: I try but am a huge optimist so it’s hard. I do try.

Imminent is the best answer really, but the testnets and dev updates should help a lot, the roadmap needs constant work and a person on it all the time, that reduces the speed so that quandary is one we live with. Such a huge project is really the reason we have taken years to get here, so we have some really great insights into what takes time and this helps a lot. Now we have design implementation qa and review teams so can grow quickly, but work smarter as well.

This will just all get better, but more open as opposed to guessing times (everyone in the office would give a different time).


That’s disappointing, is it that they are all coding apps do you think? Sorry I can’t help really - no computers when I was at school and I can’t code. I feel sorry for you guys doing all the hard slog…nevermind, a few more months and it will be all worth it.
By the way I mean computers were invented…not that old…lol

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I think that once the world shifts from the lame internet to the upgraded SAFE one, then that will inspire all the best coders to start working on the core code.

The only problem is that the masses don’t know about MaidSafe yet, so we shouldn’t expect widespread help yet.

Our MaidSafe community is still very small


the masses will know as soon images are involved. Get designers/imagemakers/etc to do that job. There are enough to be found within the MaidSafe members who work for free, just as the programmers.

widespread help begins with good propaganda


I think the masses won’t really know until a few killer apps come out, and change the whole world forever


I predict that this won’t happen until 2017 at least.

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” – Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

predictions are dangerous :wink: we’ll see


Not a day goes by without me wishing SAFE was already launched :slight_smile:
I imagine how safe the new internet would be, the endless use-cases it enables and the knowledge it unlocks.

Off topic a bit but my favorite apps would be those that replace the torrent clients and the centralized cloud services :smiley:

Go team Maidsafe!


I posted this topic, close to a year ago. The roadmap still hasn’t been updated (it was supposed to be updated in “3 weeks” 11 months ago), and MaidSafe still hasn’t reached TestNet 3 or even BETA.

Say what you want about changes being made to MaidSafe, but how it can take 11 months to update a roadmap (which still hasn’t been done), a simple task which wouldn’t take 1 person 20 minutes to do, is beyond me.


well they actually have this (which also is not updated)

but yes there is an endemic problem with MaidSafe around communication.

last I heard through a 3rd party was that testnet 3 and beta have been scrapped and now we will jump from TN2 to Beta… again I didn’t hear this from the Maidsafe folks.

i offered to volunteer for them to do help with communications, but it does not appear that criticism is taken well by the project leaders.

c’est la vie…

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@Wulfcastle, @prophetx and @Chickundinner check out post 15 on this thread from yesterday, it might help untwist some knickers … :smiley:



If you drop in here every so often, and expect to immediately know what’s going on, and then blame that you don’t on the project leaders I’m baffled.

There is masses of communication with the community from Nick, David and many of the devs. There are also passive ways to find out what’s going on. You guys are ensuring you don’t know what is going on and haven’t taken on board the responses to similar earlier criticisms.

FYI the project is making great strides. Its a really exciting time and anyone can see that if they open their eyes.