Roadmap still work in progress?

Just checking back in after only sporadically reading the forum. The roadmap didn´t appear in the last DevUpdate. Has there already been a release?

No. The reason may be because the release is coming soon. :slight_smile:


I´d love to believe that, but that would mean that there has been a significant waste of ressources pouring into the development of a roadmap, particularly since the closer one gets to the goal, the easier it gets to create a step-by-step roadmap. Also, we all know there won´t be a “release”, but a roll-out of different features. I am mostly referring to the release that includes Safecoin. Do you seriously believe that this is “coming soon”? Or probably - as usual - I didn´t get the irony in your post :wink:

Well, you’re onto something
I didn’t say I believe (or not) - I just said what I thought may be the reason. :wink:

Prolly why its a good idea to abandon the idea of a roadmap as it may be more trouble for everybody at this stage. The team cant forecast and the community wont accept or understand any deviations. IMO best to ride it out and let things happen. Everybody is doing their best, including most in the community.

Roadmap is still work in progress :slight_smile:

I suggest that we set up a roadmap roadmap.


Good to see that anyone cares

Had to laugh when I read this and your post earlier.


Meh, I’m content with the GPS known as @dirvine; seems on course. :sunny: