Ridding the world of the GOP democratically and permanently

In the US the political parties seek to govern. The American people aren’t really aware of this. They don’t think of themselves as electing the parties. But the GOP thinks exactly that. One can put whatever bogeyman one wants behind the GOP but the GOP is dedicated to the preservation and spread of inequity. Almost every bad thing that has happened to the country in the last 100 years has been the result of the GOP and the people and ideology behind it. Much, if not a majority of what is presently wrong in the world is either directly a result of this organization or linked to it.

It can be taken down with the technology of transparency. Despite constantly being told that major parties pitch to the center and tell the public what it wants to hear the GOP could never stand the public’s awareness of its actual value set and goals. It won’t survive greater awareness of its past deeds. Its greatest weakness is that its actual voter base will never actually share its goal no matter how much seeding its done because it involves their own severe oppression. Also with its federal center of gravity is a high centralized entity that can come down with great rapidity.

To bar a stand in for the GOP we will also need to rid the US system of parties. Madison’s original fears
about parties have proven to be well founded.

were right.

Banning parties is tyrannical.

The first amendment guarantees freedom of association.

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But he’s reasonable - he’d only ban one :wink:
American Nazi Party (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Nazi_Party) would probably support the idea to ban the GOP. though.


Warren, I don’t know if you where paying attention, But last November the GOP won majorities in both the House and the Senate…

What this means is that any tyranical control you choose to hand the government for things like banning parties, and preventing political donations will not be used to ban the GOP… Those powers will be used to ban folks like Warren.

Most of your posts are useless flamebait because they assume a FIAT of Warren. That you can just say something ought to be and it will be put into place. None of your suggestions would ever have a chance of being passed by congress, signed by the president and allowed to stay into place by the courts. It is all about debating Warren’s dream utopia, which turns out to be utopia to nobody except Warren.


I don’t know if you were paying attention but its was an off season. Also, more and more exit polls where there are GOP supposed GOP victories show the GOP actually lost but stole the election. This was getting so bad that David Feldman was saying we need to stop the funny men like Colbert because there needs to be some anger and not just comic relief. The GOP is absolute bull shit in everything it stands for, its always corruption and crime going beyond a “culture of corruption.” It needs to be called out for this, its as plainly evil at this point as the Nazi part was in the lead up to WWII. The only thing that it has that even seems remotely reasonable and its only a stand of convenience is the social conservative stand on abortion, despite the counter claim on choice or say over one’s own body it had an issue but its only a wedge issue to the party. Without the black lies the population would never support any GOP agenda- only the deluded support it, and I a for systems that don’t allow the dirty hand or the deluding to continue. I can see a time through tech where organizations like the GOP simply can’t exist.

Given the problem Europe had with parties they’ve done awful lot to limit and get rid of them. That’s right because we don’t want to elect a party. Madison was right in his initial reservations. This isn’t limiting affiliation its getting rid of another money filter. In American media we constantly hear “GOP” this and “GOP” that, I am sorry, a lot of think of the GOP as the flat enemy of the population and this ain’t sports, and its no undeserved, everything it does is aimed at undermining the average American’s quality of life, right and security. Even the term GOP is odious, they might as well be flying a Confederate flag.

Hardly, this is why I like transparency, when criminality and inequity are exposed they cease to be supported and get overturned.


Pollsters like Silver had the GOP winning that election for a year or more before it happened. It played out exactly as it was supposed to play out and was predicted to play out and there was very little “funny numbers”.

You complain about sponsored media, but then use use all of the talking points that one particular sponsored media spews…

Funny. Off term elections are far from indicative because its no the majority that turns about but the slighted minority. It was a massive landslide when Obama came in and a true mandate. The public realized it was Republicans that brought them Katrina and the collapse. They’d realize 911 too possibly if submitting unvarnished evidence wasn’t likely barred in courts for the chance of leading to mass lawless action. Point is people were pissed over stuff like closing emergency rooms over nonsense like profitability- as if ER rooms need some sort of parasite element. And they were tired of the Republican rhetoric of : what we need to buy everyone a new car- as retorts to questions on closing ERs etc.