RFP: Open Github / Bitbucket

As title, but pay by safecoin to push changes to repo.
‘Hosted’ or available code to host.
Or… some implement that gits to the safenet. :slight_smile:

Edit: in the same way we have a safe webbrowser, I would be amazing to have a git-browser like Kraken or source tree… But working direct to the safe net. I guarantee a few people I know would put together a farming rig and start using the services.


You want to create a new TOR :sunglasses:

Nope. Incorrect on TOR, that’s a wider network philosophy you’re stating there.

I would just like a version of source tree and Kraken that links to the safenet, unlimited repositories. Eternal storage.

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This sort of thing should be pretty trivial, as the underlying technology should be there automatically. It would just need a nice UI to wrap it all together.

Consider that each repo would just be people sharing their own files, much like the web hosting manager and sites function.

Moreover, you could potentially mount repos to ‘clone’ them without having to download the files. It would be cool to create local branch at mount time too. I suppose deduplication would make branching pretty efficient.

From a dog fooding perspective, it would be great to have SAFENetwork project repos hosted on SAFENetwork too.