RFC: Disjoint Groups

That’s probably a modulator-demodulator, still plugged in? But this interests me, the Yanks did this to you? Engineering this perfectly usable job title? Or the British Empire could not help itself and did end up one word short?

Comes as a surprise as for instance the Dutch language classifies a telephone engineer as “telefoonmonteur” and reserves “ingenieur” for the coveted bridge building professionals.

David was recounting how his engineering career came about a while ago and to me it did sound like a very natural progression into what he is pursuing now, even if it did extend to working as a mechanical engineer in a glass factory and partaking in rescue missions at sea.

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I don’t think it is an American thing, here the term technician is used to my experience… but engineer is abundantly and widely used in the UK for just about anybody who repairs something… from what I remember when I lived there.


Thank you, helps fathoming another culture ;o)

My Penguin English Dictionary (called their “flagship”) has for Technician: one skilled in a mechanical skill.

UK job listing:

  • Test and Inspection Technician, Role: Test and Inspection Technician Location: Buckinghamshire, Rate: c. £22ph - £24ph (ltd) + Overtime Keywords: Test , Inspection , Wiring , motor…

  • Senior Electrical Engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer - c. £40,000 - £45,000 - Bristol A Senior Electrical Engineer is required to work on the design of cutting edge scienti…

  • Wiring Technician, Role: Wiring Technician Location: Home Counties, Rate: c. £22ph - £24ph ltd Keyword: Wiring, Soldering , Crimping , Harness

Rated or non-rated, difficult to compare otherwise one could not help thinking distinct groups cluster on either side of a ten-fold boundary line?

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