RFC - Direct Data API in Launcher

PR at Direct Data API in Launcher by cretz · Pull Request #100 · maidsafe/rfcs · GitHub, rendered at rfcs/0000-launcher-direct-data-api.md at launcher-direct-data-api · cretz/rfcs · GitHub.


Wow. Could somebody break this down for the rest of us?

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I can try. It’s not that complicated but I am forced to be detailed in the RFC. Basically today when you use that demo app it speaks to the safe launcher over an HTTP API (the routes can be seen at https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_launcher/blob/master/app/server/routes/version_one.js). This API represents high level calls to several libs including the NFS (at https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_core/tree/master/src/nfs) for working with files and directories.

The NFS lib is actually an abstraction on top of the low level calls for “self encrypted” safe data (for the actual file contents) and structured data (for file metadata such as last-updated and directory metadata such as file listings). But technically you don’t need all of this if you just want to store data. There is already an RFC for doing the structured data stuff directly via the HTTP API (at Discuss Proposed - 0016-launcher-data-types-api · Issue #77 · maidsafe/rfcs · GitHub), all this RFC does is suggest a way to do the self-encrypted part via the HTTP API. People that may want to store data on the safe network but don’t need it to have things like a file name or be stored in directories may prefer to use the low level data calls more directly.